Throughout the past decade, I have found that my efforts to work in harmony with the natural world, and especially with the enlightening energies of Power Animals, to be one of the most intriguing, beneficial aspects of my Shamanic Energy practice. In fact, on numerous occasions, I have personally found the insights and transformative effects of meeting my own Power Animals, as well as those of my clients, to be truly profound experiences.

When I initially began my shamanic training many years ago, I believed the Archetypes were only symbolic in their essence, but now I realize that they are much more “real” than I ever imagined. I’ll explain in more detail what I mean by that a bit later.

One question I am often asked by attendees at my Shamanic Energy programs is: In what ways can Power Animals help me on my spiritual journey, in practical, day-to-day living?

My response is simple: The variety of ways they might assist us are as countless and unique as each of the people attending this program. Yet, although every person experiences these Archetypal Animal guides differently, there are a number of common  insights that they tend to bring to everyone.

Some Benefits of Power Animal Wisdom are:

  • Heightened awareness of any positive, helpful qualities or latent talents that we need to express more fully in our lives at this particular time
  • Greater insight into the possible challenges and promises that await us on our path
  • Loyal companionship and encouragement to help us apply what we know to do in our lives with consistency and courage
  • Protection on our path, which keeps us from reverting back to outmoded patterns or habits that we wish to release
  • Reinforcement of the energetic momentum we need in order to meet any new changes that might occur on our path to transformation

Perhaps it would be meaningful to share some examples of how I, personally, and several of my Shamanic Energy Healing clients, have found Power Animal guidance beneficial in our lives.

One client explained how profoundly affected she was by a Power Animal’s energy during our Illumination Healing session. The Power Animal that I had “seen” on her behalf was a large, horned mountain sheep. I was then guided to blow that animal’s energy into her third chakra area with a strong exhalation of breath. She explained to me afterwards that she had literally felt the essence of the mountain sheep entering her energy field, imbuing her with an amazing feeling of majestic strength, fortitude, and physical balance. Those were all qualities that she sorely needed during a particularly challenging time in a precarious work relationship. That mountain sheep’s energy actually helped her weather the emotional storm by dealing with her co-worker in a confident, balanced, and uncharacteristically powerful manner, until the situation was resolved. She also shared how amazed she was at her own ability to stand behind her convictions, in spite of opposition, and how she eventually felt that overwhelming energy gently subside when she no longer needed the extra boost.

Another client told me about an uplifting experience he had had during a guided journey to discover his Power Animal. He was just recovering from a serious leg injury and had lost confidence in his own ability to move on with some new activities that required a lot of flexibility on his part, both mentally and physically. Ironically, the animal that my client encountered was a tiny, but amazingly agile and flexible, tree frog. The frog demonstrated to him how he could start small, but still make a great, flexible leap forward simply by putting forth the effort. It proved to be just the encouragement he needed.

One of my own experiences, which I found particularly reassuring, happened during a grueling week of interactions that took place while traveling. I was in a new and somewhat risky area that required my being very alert and more guarded than usual. I had asked the Universe to send me the animal protection that I needed most at that time. It wasn’t until I had successfully returned home and gratefully collapsed onto my own bed, that I realized who my trusty Power Animal had been that week. Just as I was about to close my eyes, I saw a beautiful, muscular fox literally jump out of my energy field onto the floor near my bed, where she proceeded to curl up into a comfortable position and then vanish from my sight. It was very clear that she had done her job well and her services were no longer required. Finally, we could both relax, and I smiled as I realized that, once again, I had gotten by with a little help from my Spirit Animal friends.