I have gone on several excursions in an attempt to experience and document the paranormal. One of the most interesting excursions was to Excalibur, a night club in Chicago. The location was a makeshift morgue following a disaster in the river in 1915, and many people have reported experiences that they were unable to explain.

When explaining how spirit communications occur, Edgar Cayce offered the following,

When the body (material) attunes self to that plane … those of the astral plane may communicate, in thought, in power, in form.

--Edgar Cayce reading 5756-4

He went on to explain in the same reading that the information provided was,

Always true, so far as the individual has brought self into that attunement as is necessary for the perfect understanding of same.

--Edgar Cayce reading 5756-4

We used tools such as an Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) meter, which measures electrical output to identify locations where there may be a spirit. Many believe that sudden, unexplained spikes on the EMF are the result of the energy of a spirit manifesting. We also used a digital thermometer, as sudden drops in temperature may be a result of an entity pulling energy toward itself while attempting to manifest.

I like to use dowsing rods as a means of communication, once a possible spirit is identified. I generally begin by asking the spirit to cross the rods to let us know that they desire to interact with us. Later repeating this question and then asking the spirit to uncross the rods helps to validate the interaction. Working with a spirit, one person asks a question and follows slowly with a number of possible answers. We request that the spirit cross the rods at the point in which we have the correct answer. At the visit to Excalibur, I held the rods so that I could be certain there was no manipulation of the answers.

During our experience, we spent some time in dialogue with a woman who had drowned in the early 1940s. She told us that she did not want to leave the location, as she wanted to stay there and wait for her family to join her. It takes a long time to ask questions, and even longer to wait for the answers. But we enjoyed learning about her life and why she remained there.

Edgar Cayce offered the following insight into why these communications occur,

…these as we have given here are set forth that those who would study may have the basis of an understanding that will give each and everyone that knowledge that the physical world, and the cosmic world, or the astral world, are one …

--Edgar Cayce reading 5756-4