The following is a Christmas message that Cayce channeled from his oneness with the Universal Consciousness or mind of God.

“If you would make this Glad Season of effect in your own experience, show forth that love in your dealings, in your relationships, in your words, in your acts. For as He gave, ‘As you do it to the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you do it to me.’ Not that self may be well-spoken of; not that there may be this or that of your own convenience, of your own satisfaction; but that the Glory of God may be manifested among the sons and daughters of humanity! In this manner, then, you may know the Glory of the Father, of the Son, at this Glad Christmas Time. For, ‘As you abide in me and I in the Father, so may the Glory of the Father through you be made manifest in the experience of your brothers and sisters.’” (262-91)

Cayce often guided us to understand that we are part of a soul group, not just individuals. The souls we find in our loves are not random or accidental; rather, they are part of lives. We are not alone unless we choose to be. We belong together with others. We are both comforted by and comforting to others. Cayce’s first lesson was “cooperation.” Cooperation implies involvement with others. The message of Christmas is love, hope, and a new beginning. The full experience of this message is discovered when we begin anew by spreading love and hope and togetherness. Our joy is found in giving; not to be well-spoken of, or to feel personal satisfaction, but express God’s love for the children, the souls in our lives. This was demonstrated by all those we helped and cared about the birth of the great Teacher of love: “A new commandment I give to you, love one another.” (John 13:34)

“This is the purpose for which each soul has entered - to give the more perfect concept of the relationships of humanity to the Creator. Such we find was happening in Bethlehem of Judea ages ago, when that channel Mary had so dedicated herself to the service of her Maker as to become Mother. She showed the whole world that this must come to pass in the experience of those who would make themselves channels through which the Holy Spirit of God may manifest; that the world may know that He, God the Father, God the Mother, keeps His promises with the children of humanity! The hour approaches when nature is about to be fulfilled in the experience of the Mother, and His Star has appeared, and the angels’ choir, and the voices of those that give the great message! Who heard these, my children? Those that were seeking for the satisfying of their own desires or for the laudation of their own personality? Rather it was those close to Nature, to the hours of meditation and prayer.” (262-103)

Here Cayce calls us to keep Nature close to us as best as we can, because Nature - its rhythms, its expression of the Life Forces - reflects the qualities and vibrations of the Creator.


“In giving to these, then, that seek to know more of those circumstances, those conditions as surrounded what you call the first Christmas: Do not confuse yourselves. While to you it may be a first Christmas, if it were the first then there would be a last; and you would not worship, you would not hold to that which passes. For time never was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ-mass.” (262-103)

Cayce always differentiated between the man Jesus and the spirit and consciousness of Christ. Christ, for Cayce, was the Word, the Logos, which became incarnated through Jesus' willingness to hear our heavenly Father's guidance and do our Father's will. It is so exciting to think that this Christmas season, 2020, we can actually experience the birth of Christ anew within the wombs of our hearts and minds, and then deliver it into this world through our thoughts and actions each day.

“In giving that interpretation of what this Season means - the birth of Jesus as he became the Christ to this world: In giving the circumstances, much has been recorded as respecting this by the writers of the Gospel, especially by Luke; but a little perfect concept may be gathered except that you as individuals seek to experience what such an advent meant or means to your life as an individual. For knowledge of a thing or a condition and the wisdom that is presented in that happening are two different things. What you hear you may believe, but you will rarely act as if you believed it unless you have experienced and do experience that, ‘God so loved the world as to give His Son to enter into flesh.' This was done, that human flesh, that humanity, might know that there is an advocate with the Father; and that - as you in your material experience see - Life coming from out of nowhere to enter into materiality to become a living expression of those promptings of the heart.” (262-103)

Here Cayce makes his point about application in daily: if we don't experience a belief in practical daily ways, then we don't have the full power of our belief. It must become a living reality to us before its wisdom is truly ours. However, as we all know, new resolutions are very difficult to sustain. We may enthusiastically proclaim our new intentions at the beginning of a new year, but by summer they have usually faded. To help us develop a new way of thinking and acting Cayce encouraged us to create and “Ideal” to live by, and to read that ideal often, even post it on our morning mirror, so as to begin each day with our ideal in mind, in our efforts throughout the day. He encouraged us to make our physical, mental, and spiritual because we are three-dimensional beings, having bodies, minds, and souls. He taught that each of our dimensions needs attention, nourishment, activity, and fun! Our bodies need to have their role in daily life, as do our minds and our souls. He recommended feeding our minds nourishing ideas as we feed our bodies. He asked us to budget time to feed our souls, lifting them from the mundane to the sublime - even if for only fifteen minutes a day. Budgeting time was one of his major lessons, as was cooperation between our three dimensions: physical, mental, and spiritual. Jesus also demonstrated this by healing bodies, teaching minds, and evoking the Spirit so as to lift the spirits of those he met and taught.

“All things are pure in themselves, and are for the sustenance of humanity: body, mind, and soul; and remember that these must work together.” (5401-1) Life in this material, physical world must become a living expression of those promptings from the depths of our hearts, our souls. This season of celebrating a new birth, a new life, is a good time to rededicate ourselves. Let’s write an ideal and post it on our morning mirror and strive to live it each day.