This year, 2017, marks the 140th birthday of Edgar Cayce. From very humble beginnings on a small farm in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, somehow the work left behind by this individual has truly changed the thought of humankind. Having been involved with this Work for more than 40 years, I have repeatedly had the opportunity to speak to members around the world and hear their testimonies as to how the Cayce material has transformed their lives for the better – physically, mentally and spiritually.

I think Edgar Cayce would be surprised to find how his Work is impacting individuals each and every day in ways that he might never have imagined. During his lifetime, he was able to give readings to nearly 5,500 people. Today, nearly twice that number come to our website looking for answers from the Cayce material each and every day. And members around the world can access any of the 14,306 readings on our website from the comfort of their home.

Since 1901, the information in the Cayce readings has been explored by people from every imaginable background, discipline, and walk of life. This material has come to the attention of educators, historians, theologians, counselors, health care professionals, and scientists. No doubt, part of the attraction has been that, regardless of the field of study, Cayce has continually proven himself to have been years ahead of his time.

In honor of Edgar Cayce’s 140th birthday, let me just say: Thank you, Mr. Cayce, and Happy Birthday! You have helped transform countless lives so that they, in turn, can help transform the world!