Having been to Egypt over thirty times, I knew this uprising was coming. It was just a matter of time, which appears to be now. When I first went to Egypt the citizenry were so constrained in their thinking. For example, women were not allowed to drive cars let alone vote! Over these past many years I’ve seen women receive licenses to drive cars and become active members of Parliament. I’ve seen education expand to include more people, even in the poorer villages in rural areas near Luxor and Aswan. (Though there is much more needed since literacy is 83% among men and 59.4% among women—as of 2005 data.)

The Egyptians I meet in the tourist areas and the major population areas are clever, bright, multilingual, understand human nature well, and have an up-beat spirit and attitude. But most all of them are unhappy with their government and with Mubarak. They are tired of him; as well as authoritarian rule and inept, often corrupt, governance. But it is going to be a long journey from where they’ve been to a government that represents the people and is for the people and by the people. Even we who have had such a government for more than 200 years aren’t content with its operation. And if you think we fight politically and have polarizing influences that make cooperation difficult, wait until Mubarak’s iron hand is lifted, then we’ll see some serious challenges for these people. They will likely go through many reforms before they get close to representative governance and we will continue to hold Egypt in prayer. But I am so excited for the Egyptian people and Egypt's role in shaping the coming world.

For, it is not by chance that the entity has come into this material sojourn, or into the present associations, but that greater opportunities may be accorded. …while there are those conditions in the material that bespeak of turmoil, disturbances that make for anxieties, know that there is within self that ability, that divinity, that way shape the ways, the manners through which good, and peace, and harmony, may come to all.

--Edgar Cayce reading 2440-1