An excerpt from Edgar Cayce's Sacred Stones

Everything in the universe consists of vibrations, and this idea is highlighted in much of the Edgar Cayce material.

Recently, after a long period of working non-stop over the holidays, I developed a headache that lasted for three days. It was so severe that I had no choice but to go to bed and rest. When we need rest but refuse to listen to subtle clues, the body will eventually make the decision for us. Such was the case with my headache…

I was so "out of it" the first day that it wasn't until the second day before I finally got up and selected some rocks. I chose my favorite citrine for my solar plexus, some amethyst for my eye sockets, a carnelian for my abdomen, and some quartz for the collarbone and neck area.

Within about twenty minutes of laying the gems on my body, I began to feel better. The stones, along with a vaporizer filled with eucalyptus, a lavender pillow on my eyes, and music consisting of alpha waves, all worked together to help me turn the corner in my healing.

This example of using stones explains how working with gems or any vibrational remedy can be successful. When you feel out of alignment in any way-and normally on a much more subtle level than what I just described-you need something to help you to restore your alignment.

Gems and stones, along with music, essential oils, and other wonderful tools that we have at our disposal, are very beneficial for realigning us with our natural healthy balance.

Gem healing is like music. Have you ever heard people trying to play music when it is out of tune? There is something off, and it doesn't sound quite right. That is what happens to the body-the physical body, as well as the energetic body. On the other hand, when you hear singing or playing that is harmonious, it lifts the spirit as though the heavens have parted…

I am extremely concerned about the idea of frequency sickness. Our society is often so plugged into phones, computers, televisions, and other devices that we have become out of sync with nature. This is not good!

During those few days when I was ill, I could not stand the sight of any [computer] screens or loud sounds. I was literally sick of anything electronic. I had to unplug. I am a very sensitive person, and I am greatly concerned about the masses that may be unaware of what electronics are doing to us…

Now more than ever, it is extremely beneficial to understand Cayce's work and to learn how to use natural methods to shift our energy when necessary.

Subtle Bodies

Aside from the physical body, there are three areas of energy within all of us.

The first is the etheric energy layer. This is the field that resides closest to your physical body and is most intricately tied to your health and well-being. If you are blocked here, it will result in an actual, physical illness.

Second is the mental or emotional body, which is six inches away from the body. This is where our memories and emotions are stored. When we do not adequately express our emotions, this area is affected.

Finally, the causal or spiritual body is about a foot away from your physical body and extends to infinity. I believe that all of our challenges in life begin here. Some challenges derive from karma that we incarnated here to work on, and some challenges are new lessons that we have decided to take on after our birth. If we can address our issues at this level, then we do not need to be concerned with the emotional aspects or physical aspects of our energy bodies. That is easier said than done, of course! As my story about being ill demonstrates, we do not normally make changes unless there is mental or physical discomfort first.

When you place a stone on your body, that mineral exists at a higher vibrational frequency than that of the body. Because it is natural and free from the mental or emotional garbage that affects the rest of us, the stone holds its own. When introduced to the physical shell, it will create a change in the above-mentioned energy fields.

Different stones bring different qualities to us. Do you need love, health, or money/security? Depending on what you want to create, certain stones hold a frequency for those circumstances or attributes. By using the stones, your field can begin to shift and align in order for you to attract what you want. We will explore how this energy shift works throughout this book…

Healing Self and Others

Once you understand how and why gem healing works, it's time to put that knowledge to use by healing yourself and others with the stones.

When I do self-healing, I like to lie on my back and place stones on my heart center, my torso, and my forehead. In addition, I often place a crystal at the top of my head on my pillow to help open the crown. Sometimes the placement varies, depending on what I believe I need at the time.

Please remember that there is no right or wrong in this method. Your intuition will let you know what is best for you. Simply place the stones on or around the body, leaving them there while you take a brief nap or meditation. When you awake, the stones will have assisted you in producing the needed shift, as they did for me.