The current dietary guidelines by the American Heart Association are completely in alignment with the information that came through the sleeping Cayce more than 100 years ago: "Eat natural, unprocessed foods and consume mostly vegetables and fruit."

So many of us are struggling with health issues because we’ve been misled about where we gain nourishment. The food supply has changed radically over the past several decades, and not for the better. Too many of us have relied on flour-based foods and their ever-more-popular substitutes found in the gluten-free aisle to satisfy cravings or to stretch the amount of food we serve to our families. Most of these “fillers” add volume but little or no nutritive value, and contribute to chronic inflammation and hunger. Simply eliminating these processed, pesticide-laden faux foods can have a major impact on overall health and immunity.

Sluggish digestion is often a result of dietary choices that focus on animal products and processed grains, instead of whole foods that come from healthy soil. Intestinal congestion and stagnation is so common that Americans spend close to one billion dollars on laxatives annually; results are inefficient at best. Lost bowel tone often cannot respond to extra dietary fiber or laxatives because a weak, distended colon needs rehabilitation by cleansing and strengthening first. Chronic waste retention may exist even when a person has five bowel movements a day.

The most effective way to cleanse and to restore colon health is with water, gently infused as a professional colonic, or colon hydrotherapy, yet there is disgust and shame, and much misinformation about this time-honored practice. Many of us are afraid to ask a professional, or to discuss constipation, a leading risk factor for all disease. Digestion should always be pain-free! Your food choices matter. Your body can’t make healthy cells without abundant raw materials from natural foods and loving, high-vibrational thoughts.

Edgar Cayce placed a great deal of emphasis throughout the readings on the importance of a strong, clean colon, and on eating a natural, mostly plant-based diet. Alkaline-forming foods are primarily colorful vegetables and fruits. When we do not eat enough of these foods, our digestive systems become sluggish, and eventually too weak to handle much dietary fiber.

One or more colon hydrotherapy sessions can flush out excess waste and gas, while exercising the muscles that are needed for regular daily bowel eliminations. Over time, colon hydrotherapy and an alkaline-forming diet can restore the lost bowel tone that exists in cases of chronic constipation.


For, every one - every body - should take an internal bath occasionally, as well as an external one. They would all be better off if they would.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 440-2