How would you like to take part in a research study? Atlantic University along with the BIAL Foundation is sponsoring a large study the goal of which is to get a data-based sense of how people see the future. Not as you dream of it, or fantasize about it, or wish it to be, or have an intuition as to what it will be. Instead, we are asking you how, upon rational consideration based on what you have read, or learned in some way, you assess the future. It is your rational, intellectual assessment, we are trying to understand. 

The survey asks you to think about the year 2060. Why 2060? Research has shown that if you ask people to go too far into the future it all becomes a fantasy. Things change so much it is hard to assess what a future too many years ahead will be like. Did your grandmother anticipate the electronic world of social media? Did you?

This is an anonymous survey, and we ask only that you be as rational and honest as you can be. For those interest in participating, go to the following link:


Principal Investigator