Join Us in Prayer for the Victims of Natural Disasters

prayer candlesPlease join us in prayer for all those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. So often, when a disaster strikes, it is difficult to know what to do. We want to help, but aren’t sure of how. We need to remember that prayer is creative power which can, and does make a difference. Hold an image of Divine love enfolding and surrounding Haiti, each individual, the community, and the men and women volunteering their assistance.

All of us at, a department of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., are coming together to strengthen our prayers for the victims of this and all natural disasters. If, as Scripture says, the prayers of ten can save a city, our collective supplication for these suffering brothers and sisters may in some way ease their pain and lighten their way. We invite you to join with us in prayer. Go to the Participate in Prayer to unite with the A.R.E.'s International Prayer effort.

Thy prayers ascend to the throne of God, and the angel of each entity stands before the throne to make intercession. Not as a physical throne, no; but that consciousness in which we may be so attuned that we become one with the whole in lending power and strength to each entity for whom you speak and pray. (Edgar Cayce Reading 3954-1)