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During one of Cayce's interesting explanations of how he got the information, Cayce described the process as being similar to tuning a radio to a particular station. Even though we can't see anything in the air around us, there are many TV and radio waves ready to be tapped into. Actually, a radio station is a specific frequency among many. For example, KBIG-FM radio in Los Angeles, California is reached at frequency 104.3 FM, while WLTW-FM radio in New York City, New York is at 106.7 FM. 

When Cayce seeks to tune his consciousness to the infinite source to help someone or explain a topic, he tunes into the appropriate "station," which then includes the complex of that station's history, programming, and current transmission. During such a tune-in, Cayce's physical body and subtle body are affected by his own vibes and the vibes and thoughts of those around him. In these cases the unrelated vibes and thoughts interfere with reception. We have to clear our minds and find a quiet place (or shield-out distractions) in order to make a clear connection. When I became more skilled at this, I was surprised to find that I could do get higher tuned-in while in a crowded airport and on a plane. It was as if I was in a bubble. 

Cayce often shared that he felt himself traveling in a bubble to the Great Hall of Records of all soulsand would meet the Keeper of the Books of Life for every soul. The Keeper would show Cayce's deeper mind what he could share and what he could not share. 

In addition to a clear channel, one has to convey the information in a language that incarnate personalities can understand. 

To bring from one realm to another those experiences through which an entity, a soul, may pass in obtaining those reflections that are necessary for transmission of the information, it becomes necessary to have it in the language of that being seeking the information." 

Here Cayce is touching on one of his key teachings about psychic informational transfers: they require skillful translation from higher dimensional languages to our three-dimensional languages. Remember, the language of the subconscious and higher levels is often imagery, symbolic imagery and "knowings," which are impressions that come to us in the form of understandings without words. Thus, there must be a translation into word-structured thoughts for our earthly selves to comprehend. It is very similar to receiving a dream from our subconscious that is difficult to understand, requiring us to intuit the meaning. This is why Cayce instructed us to get the interpretation while still in the deeper consciousness, for at that level we know the meaning. He said, "the best interpreter of the dream is the dreamer." The dreamer was our deeper mind. 

Messages can come to us spontaneously as from out of nowhere or everywhere. This can happen when we least expect it. It can be a profound comprehension that we find difficult to put into words. When this happens to me, I try to get close to whatever or whoever the message contained. Even though I have nothing to tell them, I feel like I had a metaphysical chiropractic adjustment to my deeper consciousness that this will affect the person when I get close to their deeper consciousness. In some cases, when I am conscious of the collective consciousness, I don't need to get near them, the person, because we are connected in the collective. Also, we don't always have to put things into words. "Knowings" can be just as powerful as spoken words. 

Another tip that Cayce gave us was to be conscious of how our personal option can taint a message or piece of information. He said that sometimes intuited awareness can look like a stick in water – which appears to us to bend as it enters the water but we know it is not bent. Distortions of all kinds can happen when our finite, personality is receiving infinite universal messages. Therefore, Cayce encouraged to set aside our egos and personal options as much as possible so the channeled information can be as pure as possible. This takes a lot of practice. Over my years of practice I often found myself clarifying messages after I thought for sure I knew what it meant, only to discover during a selfless moment of reflection and rumination that it meant something else. It took me a lot of practice to discern the difference between my personality mind and my higher mind. Once I became aware of the difference, I knew when to be suspect of the translation and when to trust the translation. 

Developing skills like these is important to our soul growth and should be considered a major part of our mission during this lifetime. 

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