Peace must come from within you before it may manifest in your home, work, school, city, or nation, so just be kind to yourself and others, and give thanks for merely being exposed to the Edgar Cayce readings!

I’m forever grateful for that quiet Friday evening some twelve years ago when I was hanging out with my parents, channel surfing, and we came across the History Channel special titled The Other Nostradamus which can still be found online. The program highlighted a list of notable modern prophets, Edgar Cayce, as one of them, and how they related to Nostradamus.

I immediately resonated with the information in the program and began to research who Edgar Cayce was and what exactly were the Edgar Cayce Readings. It’s indescribable how a man in his early twenties, who didn’t even finish secondary schooling, could lay down on a couch, close his eyes, put himself into a trancelike state and not only tap into his subconscious mind but speak from his unconscious. Over 14,000 readings covering almost every topic imaginable, it’s truly astonishing!

At the time I was struggling profoundly with skin issues, such as, eczema, so I immediately began researching the sleeping prophet's’ guidance on holistic health by addressing diet, including foods which help keep blood pH balance as well as proper food combinations, the importance of internal cleansing, such as, colon hydrotherapy, manual therapies, such as massage and spinal adjustments, and gentle exercises like those mentioned in the readings

I’m seeing amazing results in my skin health, and with patience, persistence, and consistency, the application of the Cayce health readings is completely changing my whole physical health!

I’m also grateful for the understanding I’ve gained in the realms of keeping the mind spiritually aright. I remember reading the following excerpt while I was dealing with a troubling situation at work

just be kind, just be patient, just be lovely, just be friendly to thy fellow man.

                                                        -Edgar Cayce Reading 792-1

You see, I had a colleague who was a friend at the time, but over time, she thought me a fool for my efforts to be kind, gentle, patient, etc. and began resenting me for “patronizing” her.

The Cayce readings helped me understand that regardless if others don’t understand your spiritual principles, stay true to yourself, to your values, never apologizing for seeking to be a person with integrity, and most importantly, that my colleague is a part of my spiritual family.

I began praying each day for us to be protected, blessed in the manners that are in our highest and best good, and for the Creative Spirit to help ease the tensions, so that we may better enjoy each other’s company. Gradually over time, and to my shock, she began to smile again in my presence. Although small, it’s a miracle, nonetheless.

Since March of 1901, Edgar Cayce has been helping others, and for me, the Cayce readings have genuinely helped me in every area of my life. I pray they do the same for you.