Making Resolutions that Count
By Deirdre L. Aragon

(Q) Will the New Year unfold greater opportunities for my professional advancement and my greater service to my fellow man?
(A) These are part of self’s own development and must rise within by taking advantage of those opportunities which are offered from day to day. As has so oft been indicated, and this body will find same within its own experience, it is as we use that in hand that the greater opportunities are given. (Edgar Cayce Reading 1472-9)

With the passing of each year, all of us are faced with the time-honored tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions date back to Babylonian times, through Ancient Rome, on the coattails of Christianity, all the way to Puritan New England. There is something about the passing of time that calls humankind to change for the better.

Resolutions Common resolutions include, but are not limited to read more, lose weight, save money, be kinder, avoid stress, and meditate. Whatever the idea behind the desire to change, many of us do not follow through with our resolutions. By Valentine’s Day, the list is buried somewhere in the bottom of a purse or was used as scratch paper for last week’s grocery list.

From personal experience, I have learned that change rarely occurs overnight, and it takes work to change. If change were easy, humankind would not need to set resolutions every year! With a few simple steps and practical tips, I believe anyone can make it through the year with their resolutions intact.

He without an ideal is sorry indeed; he with an ideal and lacking courage to live it is sorrier still. Know that. (Edgar Cayce Reading 1402-1)

Step 1: Compile a List

Resolutions may be simple or elaborate. Try to keep the list concise. This list is not to be considered as etched in stone, but flexible to change, as a person does, throughout the year.

Keep the most current list handy.

  1. Improve Diet
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Exercise Three Times a Week
  4. Write More
  5. Start School
  6. Be of Service to Others
  7. Read Daily
  8. Run the Halapua Half Marathon in April
  9. Be More Prosperous
  10. Run the Honolulu Marathon in December
  11. Meditate Daily
  12. Create a Four-Part Blog on Resolutions

One of the influences that must first be builded, then, is to first know thy ideals—spiritually, mentally, materially, (Edgar Cayce Reading 2021-1)

Step 2: Climb Steps, Not Boulders

There are no rules to resolutions. Many times we over burden ourselves with expectations of change. Is it no wonder, then, that resolutions are hard to keep? Do not try resolutions all at once. There are 12 months to a year in which an individual may work on themselves. The best part is that any resolutions that are not completed this year, may be completed the following year.

Step 3: Allow the Momentum to Build

I recommend designing resolutions to build throughout the year. Include some good habits from the previous year that you desire to maintain this year. Do not set yourself up for failure. If a person desires to finish his/her master’s degree this year, but has yet to complete a bachelor’s degree, then that resolution may not be realistic and should be saved for another time. Use logic and be kind to oneself.

Step 4: Give Thanks

Make resolutions fun and remember to celebrate accomplishments, no matter how small. The universe will recognize the effort regardless of the outcome. Just the desire to better oneself is of significant value.

It is the “try” that is the more often counted as righteousness, and NOT the success or failure. Failure to anyone should be as a stepping-stone and not as a millstone. (Edgar Cayce Reading 931-1)

Step 5: Visualize the Outcome

Visualize Outcome

Personally I am planning to layer my resolutions throughout the year. I currently read and meditate daily, so I will continue to do so in 2014. I have plans to run a half marathon in April, I will need to improve my diet to lose a couple of pounds, and I will need to begin my 12-week training schedule very soon. By mid-April, I am planning to complete almost half of my 2014 resolution list. I have already begun to write more in 2014.

The length of a person’s resolution list does not matter. It will not matter if all or none of the resolutions are achieved. The universe will recognize the desire of the individual that is a change in and of itself.

The unseen forces work best when we have faith in them, a demonstrated faith shown by allowing them to work their magical way through our bodies, minds, hearts, and lives.
From John Van Auken’s book Jesus: His Words Decoded, His Mystery Teachings Revealed

Deirdre L. Aragon 8-2011Deirdre L. Aragon is a Laguna Pueblo Indian, who spent the early years of her life on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation in New Mexico. Her paternal grandmother and aunt, who were tribal healers, taught Deirdre the wisdom and teachings of her tribe. She was raised in a home where metaphysical principles and holistic healing were accepted and practiced as a way of life. During a near death experience when she was ten years old, Deirdre was given the "mark of the shaman" from the Spirit World. Accepting her abilities, Deirdre has designed several healing techniques based on her personal experiences and knowledge gained through various sources and is an active speaker. She participated in A.R.E. Search for God Study Groups since she was a child and has been a student of the Unity Movement for over 15 years. Deirdre currently resides in Oahu with her family. You'll find her website Noble Minds, a companion on the path of enlightenment, online at