One of the greatest lessons offered through Cayce’s psychic channel is that of the need for application of knowledge. It is not enough to “know” what to do (or to just THINK it), the knowledge must be applied, or as Cayce said, “Just do it!”

All ye may know of God must be manifested through thyself. To hear of Him is not to know. To apply and live and be IS to know!

- Edgar Cayce reading 2936-2

Cayce’s readings are also full of information on the power of the mind in the application of thought. One of the most frequently quoted passages from the readings is, “Mind is the builder.”

When delving into the readings on this topic (all of which are available in the Cayce series book, The Power of Your Mind), I came across a gem of information that gave me a better understanding of the full meaning of how the mind works as the builder.

Cayce asks the group present to consider these two phrases: 

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” which has a meaning very similar to “mind is the builder." 

And, “Thou canst not by taking thought turn one hair white or black, nor add one cubit to thy stature.” (262-79)

At first, these two statements seem to be in conflict, and Cayce states:

Mind is the motivative influence in expression as to the growth in which the inward self would make for its expressions in materiality or in matter.

This is what I see as application. He goes on to say:

What meaneth, then, those that spoke as given, ‘As a man thinketh so is he’?

Then does this belie that the Master gave, ‘Ye cannot by taking thought add one whit or one cubit to thy stature, nor turn one white hair black’?

- Edgar Cayce reading 262-79

Cayce then answers his own question, with this:

There is the Mind of the soul. There is the Mind of the physical being. There is ever that battle between the flesh and the spirit...

- Edgar Cayce reading 262-79

When Cayce says “flesh” here, he is speaking of “materiality” or the three-dimensional life we are living here on earth. The battle, as I see it, is between using our minds for growth in the “material world” vs. growth in the “spiritual world.” Proper, or improper, application of knowledge.

Cayce elaborates:

Then as the Mind dwells upon that in materiality or in the flesh or of the earth-earthy, to satisfy, to make for growth within the flesh, this—as the Master has given—does not find itself in that of growth but rather as He gave, ‘Seek first the kingdom of God within you; then all of these things may be added unto you.’

- Edgar Cayce reading 262-79

In other words, if I want to change myself in the physical, but the reasons for doing so are not grounded in spirit, I can’t “think” my way into those changes. But if I align my thoughts with my ideal, and my ideal is in line with the Spiritual Forces, surely the sky is the limit!

More from this reading:

Not as thou seest fit, not for thine own indulgences, but that ye may indeed and in truth be one in Him with the Father, and thus fulfill in each experience that which is the fulfillment of that destined for thee...

- Edgar Cayce reading 262-79

The insights I gained from the study of this reading helped me to more fully understand that I am what I am, based not only on what I think, but also on what I thought and how I applied what I thought that led me to where I am. And my SOUL mind—from which my BODY mind’s thoughts develop—will lead me to where I’m going.

Cayce even tells us that knowledge MUST be applied for the next step to be taken. As you gain knowledge from spiritual lessons, applying them in your everyday dealings with others, enables the next step on your path to be illuminated.

As ye use that ye have in hand, more and more will be given thee.

- Edgar Cayce reading 1468-1

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