For Life IS, and it is earnest, and it is good, and it is sad, and it IS beautiful, and it is ugly; just as ye apply it in thy dealings and relations with thy fellow man.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 1551-2

One of the most powerful actions available to us is giving of ourselves in service to others. Cayce’s readings tell us that service to others can lighten our hearts by helping with melancholy and depression; it can illuminate our life’s path, and it can even improve our health!

In service one may lose self in such a way and manner as to bring to one's own individual development wonderful recuperative forces, for - to have, one must give.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 5639-2

And it can be the most important role we play in the unfoldment of our life’s path.

For until ye are willing to lose thyself in service, ye may not indeed know that peace which He has promised to give to all.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 1599-1

In several readings, Cayce suggests the focus of our prayers be on how we can help others, such as in reading 3481-2: 3

For, as this entity must eventually find, thy prayer should be "Let me be the channel for helpfulness to others Lord, for others. Thy will, O God, not mine be done.”

 And in reading 1315-10, Cayce says:

 Let thy daily thought and prayer be:

"LORD, when I pray let it be for others! LORD, when I go to play or when I go to do this or that, may the thought ever be for others!"

He even describes it as “…the law of grace and the law of recompense, the law of love.” (Edgar Cayce reading 5332-1)

Let’s challenge ourselves to find ways in which we can be of service to others—in our communities, our neighborhoods, and our families. Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen, grocery shopping for an elderly relative, visiting cats at the local animal shelter, or reading books at assisted living facilities—you’ll be giving your soul an opportunity to shine, and you’ll feel better afterwards, too!


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