When it comes to the question of how past lives affect our present lives, most of us immediately think of karma’s effect on us today and the souls that have known us in past lives.  However, there is a condition that also affects us, and that is the existence of oneness in consciousness among all souls. It is often referred to as the collective consciousness. Aware of it or not, our supposedly individual minds are connected at a deeper level, a level that Edgar Cayce could tap into – and he said we all could tap into it – in fact, we are all already in it but ignore it or are so focused on daily outer consciousness that an opaque veil separates us from using it.

We live in a purposeful illusion or meaningful dream. In this illusion is multiplicity or what I like to call, “manyness.” All is separated and individual. There is no oneness. Therefore, you and I believe that our minds are private. We believe that thoughts and dreams are private. Then, to our shock, along comes a psychic like Cayce who knows our thoughts and dreams! Not only does he know them in the present, he knows them from years ago, even lifetimes ago. How is this possible? Despite our feelings of privacy, we’re connected to the singular consciousness that conceived us – call it whatever you want: the mind of God, the Creator; the Universal Consciousness; the Infinite, Eternal Mind; etc. According to Cayce, this mind loses nothing that was ever done or thought or dreamed! All make a lasting impression on this consciousness. Cayce explained that when “reading” a persons record, it was difficult discerning thoughts from actions because thoughts and actions are real in the Universal Mind’s recording! Surprisingly, it didn’t matter if the act or thought occurred 10 minutes ago or 10 thousand years ago! Cayce explained we are ultimately a complex of thoughts in a free-willed mind with an energy field or energy orb. We are presently embodied in a physical material body, but we can and will live on beyond the death of this physical body. Cayce taught we live on and on because we are infinite, eternal beings conceived in the image of our infinite, eternal Creator (as found in the Bible in the very first chapter of Genesis).

Cayce said: "Don't put the material first, for you have to live with yourself a long, long while! Become acquainted with yourself. Know yourself and the relationship to the Creative Forces." (EC 3484-1) Yes, eternity sure is a “long, long while!” Well, in getting to know ourselves, our eternal selves, Cayce taught that the first lesson should be ONENESS!

“The first lesson ... should be ONE - One - One - ONE; Oneness of God, oneness of man’s relations, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, ONENESS in every effort – Oneness - Oneness!” (

-Edgar Cayce reading 900-429

Here is where knowledge of the collective consciousness becomes important to our education. The more we strive to feel and know oneness as a reality, the closer we get to a oneness of consciousness, and that expands our minds and our resources. Yes, resources, as in connected to all, and therefore able to receive benefits that our outer connections could not have dreamed possible. Once in touch with the collective, we have the access that Edgar Cayce demonstrated. We can know ourselves, our whole selves, other souls, the flow of Nature and the weather, the flow of life and destiny, the past, present, and future, and more! Of course, we need to be prepared to know the vices and weaknesses of ourselves and others, as well as the virtues and strengths. Cayce’s amazing ability to know us, any of us, thoroughly and yet not judge or condemn us, is remarkable. It is one of his greatest traits – and likely one of the key traits that allowed him to give such detailed readings of the Universal Consciousness and the “Book of Life.” We need to develop this trait. It helps if we keep in mind that we are all human and divine, and our human nature is our weaker portion which is offset by our divine nature’s goodness. Cayce often taught that one of life’s purposes was to accentuate the positive, the virtues, and the strengths of not only ourselves but also of those we share life with.

Imagine if you and I could know ourselves and others fully – the good and the bad – and seek only to accentuate the good while helping to subdue the bad. The same could be true for our karma – accentuate our good karma and the good karma of our loved ones, while resolving or subduing the bad karma.

Since there is oneness, collectiveness, if I improve, then I contribute to the all improving. If I help another person accentuate their better self, then the collective is a little closer to their better selves as a whole! We are not private, alone, separate – rather, we are an integral part of whole of all life. And all life is accessible to us, drawing whatever we need to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Here is an important concept to keep in mind: all resources have sources. Most often humanity seeks material sources for their resources. Cayce also wanted us to seek spiritual sources for resources, and to learn how to use these in this material world.

If we can comprehend this idea of oneness and a collective consciousness, then we can work on improving relationships, resolving interpersonal conflicts while praying, sleeping, and meditating – even while thinking (thoughts are as real as finger in the eye, so they are also as real as a loving hug-thought!).

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