This is my update for January 2015 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:


Dedicated Cayce student and longtime A.R.E. member Cassina "Cassie" Tarsia of Oceanside, California has pledged $1 million toward the creation of the A.R.E.’s new Tarsia Center. Under development now, the Center will offer programs in emotional processing, healing, integration, and wholeness. Think of it as a modern day Temple of Initiation. The Center’s Ideal: Creation of a state of oneness with the Creative Forces by awakening the heart and soul forces, connecting with the whole, and attaining harmony of being.


We expect the first program to be offered by the Center in January of 2016. I am working closely with former A.R.E. Board Chair Eileen Malo and Cayce expert Lynn Sparrow Christy to develop a program for this transcendent healing center initially called “the Program for Integrative Wholeness and Transformative Growth.” Eileen possesses an extensive background in health administration as well as advanced training and experience in both spiritual mentorship and personal coaching. Lynn possesses an extensive background in one-on-one spiritual mentorship, coaching, personal transformation and hypnotherapy. This program will be offered to participants who are ready to commit one full year to focus on their personal, spiritual, and emotional development – a serious commitment to a process that is designed to bring serious results. And we are thrilled about the possibilities.


By offering something new to the world, Cassie is also helping us achieve the goals we set out at the beginning of our multi-year CREATE Campaign—namely to bring the Cayce Work out to the world in a whole new way. Her donation takes us past the $26.5 million mark in our $30 million Campaign which ends this December.


Thank you, Cassie! We just can’t thank you enough. Many future generations will be grateful to you. Stay tuned for more information about the Tarsia Center, its mission, and its programs.


Our 2014 fundraising ended with a bang! Our Matching Gift Fund inspired nearly $300,000 in year-end contributions to the A.R.E. Thank you! And with the advent of 2015, we have just moved into the final year of our $30 million CREATE Comprehensive Campaign (capital, endowment, and programs) … and we have raised over $26.5 million – just $3.5 million to go! With the Cayce Hospital renovations successfully completed and $6 million raised already toward our $7.5 million capital projects goal, we now need to raise an additional $1.5 million to renovate our Virginia Beach Visitor and Conference Center; new restrooms, HVAC system, parking improvements, and upgrades throughout the building. Donors of $500 or more to the project will be listed on our Stairway to Heaven. You are still supporting our day-to-day program operations through your annual donations as well. We have raised well over $19 million for these great programs already!


In last month’s update I told you about our special end-of-year Matching Gift Fund (up to $125,000). Well, you helped us blow right past that Match and donated more than twice that amount - $290,000 in December! Your generosity continues to astound me. We are all extremely grateful. Thank you.!


Atlantic University already offers a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies, a Spiritual Guidance Certificate, and non-credit courses (open to all). Beginning in January 2016, the university will begin offering a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies with concentrations in Mindful Leadership, Global Leadership, and Organizational Leadership. For more information on existing courses, go to,, or email us at, For more information on the new Leadership Studies degree, email the university’s director at:

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage continues to attract students from all backgrounds and ages, including military veterans, to our exciting program. Our 8 month sessions begin in January, June, and September 2015 and are fully accredited. Federal financial aid is available. We are excited about massage student community outreach at local sports events, EMT meetings, and senior care facilities. Our Continuing Education program is also thriving, with a number of new courses available to the general public. Please click the link: for more information


The A.R.E. Health Center and Spa is enjoying the beautiful new facility. We have recently introduced additional holistic clinical services like restorative breath work and acupuncture. We've also added some wonderful cleansing Spa packages, offered at substantial member discount. Our life-changing, holistic health intensives, the Cayce-based Wellness Weeks, are filling fast. There are still spots available for the June 13-19, 2015 week, We hope you will join us!


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Experience a retreat like no other—a vacation for the soul—at our March 12-15, 2015 Spring Palestine Retreat, where Henry Reed, PhD and Don Carroll will help you Learn to Understand the Mind of God: Bringing Together Heaven & Earth Through Christ Consciousness. Now in its 51st year, this inspiring retreat will help you recharge your spiritual batteries and experience the fun and fellowship that only an A.R.E. Retreat can provide. Held at the beautiful Lakeview Conference Center in Palestine, Texas you’ll enjoy a picturesque setting on 1,400 acres featuring canoeing, hiking, and relaxing scenic views, as well as a soul-awakening program. Register before February 19th and get discounted tuition.


In Headquarters Conferences news, we are thrilled to have Apollo 14 astronaut and IONS founder Edgar D. Mitchell ScD on March 27-29, 2015 —our first ever visit from someone who has walked on the moon, incarnate, in this lifetime! Explore the uncharted territories of the conscious mind, the reality of psychic ability, the body-mind connection, and the survival of the soul after death at Breakthroughs Toward a New Consciousness: Science, Spirituality, and the Limitless Mind, which also features Stephan A. Schwartz, Marilyn Schlitz PhD, Kevin J. Todeschi MA, Neil Helm MA and Loyd Auerbach MS.


Our Edgar Cayce readings "Thought for the Day" app, which is available on Apple and Android devices, is now being offered for free! Just search your cell phone or tablet app store for “Edgar Cayce” and you will find the apps we have to offer, including our “Thoughts” app. We will continue offer "thoughts" daily in the following manner as well:


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A.R.E. 2015 TOURS
Nothing compares to an A.R.E. Tour! Will you join us in 2015? We have an amazing line up!

  • Southern Spain & Morocco – Discover the magic of Spain and the mystery of Morocco on a stellar journey of two cultures that share a common history yet have their own exotic charm and character. Led by Peter Woodbury, April 11 -22, 2015. Also offering an optional extension to the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara Desert, April 22-26, 2015.
  • Old Quebec & Montreal – Led by Patrick and Jane Belisle, August 10-16, 2015.
  • JUST ADDED: China & Tibet – Led by John Van Auken, September 15-28, 2015.
  • New Mexico and Mesa Verde – Led by Don Carroll, October 24-31, 2015.
  • Our first ever tour to CUBA will be on its way starting January 31st! John Van Auken will be leading this one-of-a-kind journey to this beautiful and vibrant island.

If you would like additional information about any of our travel programs, contact our Travel Programs Administrator, Cheryl Bernath, at


Registration is now open for the 2015 season at A.R.E. Camp! We have some fantastic programs lined up for our 2015 season, including two fantastic family camps, children’s sessions, and even young adult and adult programs too! Come spend some time in the sundrenched Blue Ridge Mountains this summer, creating magical memories with friends old and new, enjoy programs hosted by popular resource people, hike the surrounding mountains, swim in the cool crisp pond, and live life the Cayce way! To register now, or for more information, visit


If you’ve been to A.R.E. Camp, you’ll know that the experience would be incomplete without the extraordinarily creative and joyful staff! Camp is so lucky to have so many people who come to help create the magic each year! If you, or someone you know, would like to join us in serving with joy on the A.R.E. Camp Staff this summer, the staff application can be found at, or you can contact Malenka Kaydan, A.R.E. Camp Manager at


Please join us for our February is for Families -themed Psychic Fair on February 21st. FREE activities for all ages throughout the day, including a mandala workshop, a past life regression, crystals for kids, and more! Readings start at just $20 for A.R.E. members. Come early to register! Doors open at 9:00 am.


ANNOUNCING ECLS PRIZE WINNERS! Congratulations to the winners of the 'Class of 2014' prizes offered to the Edgar Cayce Legacy Society (ECLS) members:

  • Rev. Lowell K. Smith - Autographed 50th Anniversary Edition of "There is a River"
  • Randall J. Wadsworth and Suzanne Shipley - Autographed 75th Anniversary Edition of "There is a River"

Other ECLS “Class of 2014” prize winners will receive prizes including "About My Father’s Business" by Hugh Lynn Cayce and the Complete Edgar Cayce Readings DVD.


ECLS members are promoting the perpetuation of A.R.E., its history, and life-changing lessons. You, too, can be part of this honored group of most supportive members by including A.R.E. in your estate plan and/or investing in an A.R.E. Charitable Gift Annuity. For more information, contact Susan Luscomb at or 757-457- 7125 or Marianna Theo at or 757-457-7215. Look for more special news for the ECLS "Class of 2015"!


Members seeking dependable retirement income guaranteed for life (up to 9%!) through A.R.E. Charitable Gift Annuities will want to know our new policy concerning age eligibility. As of January 1, 2015, immediate annuities are available for those 65 and older. You may be eligible for a deferred annuity at the age of 60 or older, with payments to begin not earlier than age 65. These annuities offer tremendous tax benefits, with charitable deductions, tax-free income and more. For more information, contact Susan Luscomb at or 757-457-7125 or Marianna Theo at or 757-457-7215. Ask for your personalized free sample report today!


We recently launched a 30-second commercial that is showing on select television channels, as well as on YouTube and on our website. If you would like to view the commercial – or send the link to friends – you can watch it here:


Hope 2015 is off to a great start for you and your families!