God, be merciful to me! Help Thou my unbelief! Let me see in Him that Thou would
have me see in my fellow man. Let me see in my brother that I see in Him whom I

-- Edgar Cayce reading 262-11

This is the update for March 2019 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends
occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., Atlantic University, the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage, and the Edgar Cayce
Foundation. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:

Over the past few years, we have built new buildings, renovated old ones, and we’re nearly finished! With your help,
we’ll finish raising the funds for the remaining areas of our Visitor Center in the coming year. Here’s where we stand:

1st Floor

  • Restrooms – DONE!
  • New Elevator – FUNDED!
  • LOBBY (see rendering) – this is everyone’s first impression and the heart of A.R.E. – needs $200,000 to be renovated
  • AUDITORIUM – our main conference center – needs $50,000 for new lighting and redesign
  • MINI-AUDITORIUM needs $25,000 to move the stage, get new lighting, etc.

2nd Floor

  • Library Renovations – DONE!
  • Restrooms – DONE!

3rd Floor



  • New HVAC – DONE!

Exterior & Grounds

  • New Front Door – Need $20,000 to revamp our entrance
  • New Retaining Wall – Need $30,000
  • New Stairway up to Cayce Hospital Building – $20,000
  • Resurface Parking Lot – $35,000

Be part of A.R.E.’s beautification and preparation for the next generation of Edgar Cayce fans and spiritual seekers.
For more information about the project and how you can help, contact Patrick Belisle, Director of Philanthropy at or 757-457-7126.


The Cayce/Reilly School is actively recruiting for our next class that starts June 17. Spaces are limited so apply now! For more information on the admissions process and requirements, see our website:

One of the most valuable parts of our students’ learning is practicing their massage techniques. Please visit our Student
Clinic any time to enjoy reduced-priced massage and foot reflexology sessions – call 757-457-7146 to make an


Our spring course offerings are: Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology, Mindful Leadership, and Spiritual Guidance Mentor Certificate. If you are interested in learning more about these courses, please contact us:, or 800.428.1512. 


The A.R.E. Health Center and Spa introduces Cayce-based Aromatherapy this month. With five essential oils blends described in the Cayce health readings, aromatherapy adds another level to the Cayce/Reilly Massage. For more details please visit


It’s not too late to register for your one of a kind vacation at A.R.E. Camp – there are still spots available in all of our
2019 sessions! At A.R.E. Camp, you will fill your days with meditation, workshops, arts and crafts, late afternoon swims
in the pond, plentiful home cooked family style meals full of veggies from our organic garden, long conversations with new friends, and hikes through Blue Ridge Mountain paradise. Contact A.R.E. Camp Manager, Malenka Luckett, for questions or more information at 757-457-7162 or email Register by April 15th and receive the Early Bird Discount of $25 per person per session! Check our 2019 offerings and register online at or by calling 800-333-4499.


Professional Life Coach Certificate Training – Have you felt a calling to be of service to others and share your lifetime of experience, application, and study in a meaningful way? If you have, becoming a holistic Life Coach might be the
perfect fit for your next phase in life! Peter Woodbury MSW presents a week-long A.R.E. Certificate training April 7-
12, designed to help you help others by focusing on body, mind and spirit methods for personal transformation.

Check out all the upcoming Virginia Beach-based Headquarters Conferences. 

2019 A.R.E. TOURS

  • April – Egypt with John Van Auken
  • June – Ireland with Peter Woodbury
  • July – Japan with Kevin Todeschi
  • October –– Egypt with John Van Auken

Contact A.R.E. Travel Programs toll free at 888-273-3339, or visit


We are extremely pleased that Membership/Life Membership will be the focus of the sharing groups during our 88th Annual A.R.E. Members Congress from June 16-21. This year’s Congress is entitled The Edgar Cayce Path to Spiritual Enlightenment. Please attend and share. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Are you already a Life Member? If you are, have you asked to join our exclusive Life Member Facebook site? If not,
please do so by visiting. We appreciate you answering a few simple questions; approvals are done every weekday.

Not a Life Member yet? Act Now! The best day to treat yourself to a Life Membership is TODAY! Four Free Gifts: An
A.R.E. Life Membership is the best way to stay in touch with the life-changing material found in the Cayce readings--
plus, it’s the most significant way you can impact the world; by living the mission to provide profound personal change
in body, mind, and spirit with Cayce’s wisdom. To learn how you can save $250 and receive four free gifts, call 800-
333-4499 or visit

MONTHLY ENLIGHTENMENT SERIES – Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

Be sure to take advantage of your monthly Enlightenment Series Membership Benefit. For 2019, the topic is “Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose.” We now have three lessons up in the member-only section, January’s “Making the World a Better Place,” February’s “Being Guided by Love,” and March’s “Applying Knowledge.” Series lessons include videos featuring Mark Thurston, Lynn Sparrow Christy, and Raye Mathis! Sign in to the Member-Only section, and find this benefit.


You don’t have to be a camper to take advantage of this online dream workshop which I will be hosting. Learn more about the April 10 Obtaining Intuitive Guidance from Your Dreams


You may have already received John Van Auken’s letter in the mail, reminding us that even in the midst of all our nation’s discord and polarization there is a change coming. It is a change that needs preparation by souls like you and me who know a higher ideal as taught by the Master and elaborated upon by Cayce!

As John said in his letter, you can be part of this preparation by empowering the A.R.E. to spread the Cayce messages far and wide. By donating to The Source Fund you can help banish the darkness by getting this message of goodness and love out into the masses. By supporting this Work, you become a catalyst to create a positive, resilient world – for today and for future generations. Donate today. We thank you.

A.R.E.’s BLOG – A Wealth of Information at Your Fingertips

A.R.E.’s blog continues to be an insightful resource on both contemporary topics and timeless wisdom from the Edgar Cayce readings. Recent Topics include, “The Four Stages of Consciousness,” “Applying Knowledge,” “Four Steps to Nurturing Your Empath Superpower,” and “Edgar Cayce’s Readings Offer Hope for the Opioid Crisis.” The blog also features a searchable database, giving you the ability to explore previous topics.


The bookstore has lots of new merchandise that’s just arriving from the world famous Tucson Gem Show. We’ll have new items arriving in the store every week!

Learn about upcoming Bookstore events here, or shop at You can also the Bookstore & Gift Shop at 757-457-7231.