May the desire of my heart be such that I may become more and more aware of the spirit of God, through the Christ, manifesting in me.

-- ECRL 262-57

This is my update for A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in what is happening at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., Atlantic University, the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage, and the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Here is the latest news. Please share the following with your friends:


In August 2020, after many years of holding that cost steady the price of membership increased to $90 per year or $8.25 per month. As a current member of the A.R.E., you can grandfather your membership rate at $59 for the next three years. You can choose to automatically be charged $59 annually for the next three years, or if you prefer you can take advantage of the new $8.25 monthly payment option. To renew your membership, sign up online at, or call 800-333-4499 (U.S. or Canada) or 757-428-3588, ext. 0, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


Join us online for an enlightening LIVE, interactive virtual conference or webinar, featuring a wide variety of insightful lectures, workshops, and programs with new and returning speakers and topics – allowing you to enrich and uplift body and soul safely at home. To view our vast selection, go to

Save the date for our 90th Annual A.R.E. Members CongressThe Cayce Legacy: A Beacon of Hope for These Times, June 20-25, 2021. This will be a celebration of the lasting legacy of the readings and how we can use this wisdom to guide us through the world of today, held LIVE online! Lectures, workshops, special 90th anniversary events, and more.

If you missed it, past events are also available, including our annual Ancient Mysteries Conference featuring Dr. Mark Lehner and William Henry, and our annual New Year’s Conference: Soul Awakening 2021: New Year’s Eve Cayce Binge Bundle. To view our vast selection, go to


CAYCE/REILLY SCHOOL OF MASSAGE – Apply now! The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage is currently accepting applications for the day program starting in June 2021. Using virtual and in-class instruction, the staff and faculty are dedicated to providing a unique holistic educational environment, preparing students for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Now more than ever, people are recognizing massage as an important element in overall health and as an effective way to relieve stress, manage pain, and treat injuries. The Cayce/Reilly Massage is a trademarked routine that blends Swedish, Osteopathic and Neuropathic techniques and the Cayce/Reilly wellness model is woven throughout our unique curriculum. Contact the school for more information on enrollment - 757-457-7270. -



Atlantic University is continuing to welcome new students as we roll into the Spring Semester starting the 5th of April. As always, efforts in out-reaching, expanding, and growing A.U.’s message to students across the globe are thriving. Look for A.U. 's features coming to the Spirituality and Health Magazine on a shelf near you starting April!
***Meditation Teacher Training Course is coming up this Spring! Applications due 3/23***

Open to all interested individuals. This course is designed to deepen your appreciation of methods for connecting with your inner spiritual resources. This study and practice approach is eclectic, drawing upon sources from Eastern and Western traditions. As you are guided through deepening your own inner life, it prepares you to better act as a guide, teacher, or mentor to others. This course culminates in a 12-week practical demonstration of your growing capacity to serve as a helper to other seekers. In the last week's practicum, you will have the opportunity to teach and share your version of meditation instruction to choose between mentoring three individuals for four weeks or creating and facilitating a workshop.
Students who complete the course will finish with a formal certificate of completion. I 757-457-7173 I


Our A.R.E. Tour of Peru has been postponed to 2022. However, we are optimistic that we will be able to travel to Egypt this November 2 - 13, 2021 on a magical tour led by Peter Woodbury MSW. For the latest updates, contact Nancy with Tours at 1-888-273-3339, or visit: 


Throughout the challenges of COVID-19, the A.R.E. Prison Outreach Program has received amazing support from our community. We have grown our Correspondence Program with 72 NEW mentors and mentees and grouped 10 NEW prison study groups. So far this year we have sent almost 400 books to 5 different facilities to support their libraries for inmates. A lovely A.R.E. Member, volunteer, and author, Toni Romano, has generously gifted us her new book Growing into Wisdom and Grace to send to women behind bars. We are so blessed, thank you! For more information about our Program or how you can become involved please contact We have a huge need for Spanish speaking mentors!


You can now download our Edgar Cayce Reflections podcast on your favorite streaming platform – PlayStore, iTunes, and Amazon Music! New episodes are added monthly! Simply search for “Edgar Cayce Reflections” on your streaming platform, or your can watch these interviews with Peter Woodbury at this link: Recent guests include Herbert Bruce Puryear, John Van Auken, and Kevin Todeschi.


Study Groups, online and in-person groups (masked and socially distanced), continue to thrive and grow. If you would like to participate in an ASFG online group or host one yourself, please email, or or! We are now turning our attention to Youth A.R.E. Study Groups. A pilot project to introduce Study groups to the youth is being sponsored by the Southeast A.R.E. Region and co-facilitators Gina Preziosa and Courtney Salamone (in Florida and North Carolina, respectively). In order to keep it relevant and compelling for young people, supplemental materials developed by Marion Bond, longtime A.R.E. member( formerly of the Heartland Region) on intuition and other topics will be used, in addition to principles from the book Beginning the Search (developed especially for young people and based on chapters of “A Search for God”) will introduce important aspects of spiritual growth. We are asking our friends to keep this project on your prayer lists as we move forward: The Youth ASFG Study Group Team. THANKS, EVERYONE!


What is YOUR dream for the Cayce Work and the A.R.E.? My dream for A.R.E. is to reach more people with this life affirming material, especially right now. You can help make this a reality. Please help other seekers experience their own transformative journey with the light, love, and healing found in the Cayce material. Your Source Fund donation today will do that… and it will help to co-create the future of the A.R.E. Thank you.

A.R.E. and FreeWill… a Creative Connection
Members are continuing to take advantage of the new A.R.E. connection with FreeWill (an online, no-cost, will-creation service) to draw-up their personalized legally valid wills. 40 have done it in the past two months alone. You can, too! Members say that this free service has been instrumental in getting them to create their wills and having peace of mind as a result. Citing the positive impact of the Cayce Work in their lives, members are able to include the A.R.E., Edgar Cayce Foundation, or Atlantic University in their estate plans. In so doing, they not only enjoy the benefits of being valued members of the Edgar Cayce Legacy Society, but also gain the satisfaction of ensuring the A.R.E.s future for years to come. Visit to start your will today!

If you have questions about FreeWill, the Edgar Cayce Legacy Society, or anything else to do with your estate planning, please contact Joseph Taylor in the Office of Philanthropy at or by phone at 757-457-7215.


While in Virginia Beach, be sure to visit our Bookstore! Open Thursday –Sunday, you can browse their incredible selection of unique spiritual art, dazzling crystals, enriching, and inspiring books, one-of-a-kind gifts made by local and indigenous artists, Baar Products, A.R.E. logo items, and much more. Phone orders and curbside pick-up are available. Shop small, shop local, and remember your purchases help support this work.

Thanking each of you for your tremendous ongoing support!