Our Father, our God, as we approach that that may give us a better insight of what He bore in the cross, what His glory may be in the crown, may Thy blessings – as promised through Him – be with us as we study together in His name. 

-- Edgar Cayce reading 262-34

This is my update for October 2020 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., Atlantic University, the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage, and the Edgar Cayce Foundation. A number of exciting things are happening! Please share the following with your friends:


Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. has developed a number of apps to put the Cayce material, programs, and information at your fingertips. Here are some of our most popular apps. Additional information on each of these can be found at:

CayceConnect App
Now it’s easy to access the body-mind-spirit content offered on! The CayceConnect app is like a road map to spiritual discovery. You’ll have instant access to articles from the blog, newsletters, and magazines; plus videos that include the monthly Reflections radio show; member exclusive content like the Cayce readings database, and the Enlightenment Series: Monthly Practices for Your Soul, plus so much more!

Edgar Cayce Co-Creation App
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. has partnered with Beauty Everywhere (formerly known as Oceanhouse Media) to bring you Edgar Cayce: Co-Creation App featuring wisdom from the Cayce readings delivered in a narrated audio format. Pulled from hundreds of concepts and ideas in the Edgar Cayce readings, the app selects three “ideals” for each week or day. The app is free when set to weekly thoughts; VIP members can receive new ideals daily. 

Reflections Podcast App
The most convenient way to access our Reflections Show on your phone is with this app! Stay connected to the latest episodes in audio and video formats. You can also star your favorite episodes and save them to a list so you can easily enjoy them over and over! This app gives you complete access to our Reflections Podcast and if you're a fan of the show you won't want to be without it!


Quarterly information sharing meetings are occurring online and allow for cross-pollination of ideas among volunteers in America and Canada. Area Teams and Field Volunteers were recently sent a plethora of 128 combined articles, research materials and study group enhancement information from earlier A.R.E. publications, including links to additional resources. Collaboration with other departments at A.R.E. is allowing helpful policies to aid A.R.E. Field Volunteers in local activities to be developed and shared.

For a wealth of volunteer resources and materials, visit the RESOURCES FOR FIELD VOLUNTEERS section of the “Member Login” website.


The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage celebrated its fall graduation on September 11 - a wonderful group of alumni beginning their new career in holistic health! The School welcomes a new cohort starting their training on October 19 and is also accepting applications for February 2021 enrollment.

Using virtual and in-class instruction, the staff and faculty are dedicated to providing a unique holistic educational environment, preparing students for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. As the use of massage grows, so do the reasons for people seeking massage therapy. More and more people are recognizing massage as an important element in overall health and wellness, especially in recent months when physical contact has been limited for so many. Massage is an effective way to relieve stress, manage pain and treat injuries. The Cayce/Reilly Massage is a trademarked routine that blends Swedish, Osteopathic and Neuropathic techniques. Contact the school for more information on enrollment. | 757-457-7270 


Atlantic University is continuing to have an excellent academic year. The student body is growing and course enrollments are hitting record numbers. The faculty have risen to the occasion and continue to serve our students as mentors and guides. You can see a number of our faculty featured on our YouTube channel talking about their areas of expertise. We invite you to explore how Atlantic University can serve you, whether you are interested in taking a single course, obtaining a certificate in Spiritual Guidance Mentorship or Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis, or achieving a masters’ degree in Transpersonal Psychology or Mindful Leadership.

Choose the program that's right for you! | 800-428-1512 |


Like many areas at A.R.E., Tours has postponed all travel events until 2021. Next year we are planning two tours:

  • Explore sacred Peru with Peter Woodbury
  • Visit mystical Egypt with John Van Auken

For the latest updates, contact Nacy with Tours at 1-888-273-3339, or visit: 


Membership is excited to announce the theme of our most popular Member-exclusive digital benefit, Enlightenment Series 2021 with A.R.E. Director John Van Auken. Next year's Enlightenment Series will focus on improving mental function through the application of dreams, intuition, and synchronicities. Monthly lessons will be accompanied by interactive print-friendly worksheets to help you journal and apply your learnings in everyday life. This year’s Enlightenment Series “How and Why Reincarnation Occurs” can be found at this link in the “Member Login” section of the website: ENLIGHTENMENT SERIES


Headquarters and Field Conferences has an abundance of insightful new online events coming up, allowing you to enrich soul and body safely at home:

Here is a listing of some of our upcoming events:

These Soul Growth Saturday events are designed to give you an in-depth experience on topics relevant to you today in three one-hour segments with a chance for Q&A!

All our live special events and workshops are also available on demand any time, to watch at your leisure— including our Annual Ancient Mysteries: Beneath the Sands, Beyond the Stars. Want more? Join us for a weekly Webinar on Wednesday nights! To view our vast selection, go to


Earlier this month, the Society of American Archivists (SAA) held an online storytelling event called “A Finding Aid to My Soul.” The audio from this program will be posted within the next two weeks to the Society’s podcast Archives in Context, available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and online in this link.

Visit the Edgar Cayce Foundation archives YouTube Channel for programs and videos from the Cayce archives


Due to COVID-19, Study Groups continue to meet online. We also have 3 Zoom staff ASFG Groups on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and Members are most welcome to join. For an invitation to one of these staff groups, call Judith Stevens at 757-457-7237 or email For all other Study Group inquiries, including suggestions for setting up your own Zoom group, please email or call Karen Boldt at 757-457-7190.

In place of our Tuesday Tech Talks on Facebook, in the month of November we will be hosting a Tuesday night study group at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. This group will focus on the Meditation chapter. If you are interested in joining this group please email or call Karen Boldt at 757-457-7190.


Have you seen the new Membership Monday Blogs? Each month, we highlight one chapter of A Search for God – giving an overview of that chapter for personal use or group discussion. So far, the first five chapters have been covered: Cooperation, Know Thyself, What is My Ideal, Faith, and Virtue and Understanding. Login to the Members Section at the top of our website:, and visit this link to see this new Member benefit.


Did You Find A.R.E. When You Needed It Most?

The A.R.E. and the Cayce readings have pulled a lot of us from despair and given us spiritual sustenance. Has it helped you, too? It has been a guidebook to help many of us navigate our lives with purpose. If this how you feel, we would like to ask you to consider making a donation of $150 or more today if you can. Or perhaps join the Good Karma Club with a donation of $20, $50, or $85 (Golden Circle level) per month: GOOD KARMA CLUB

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The Bookstore and Gift Shop is opened (Thursday through Monday) and we have some new and exciting gift items in stock, including new A.R.E. T-shirts! Stop by or call today to start your holiday shopping early! 


Thank you for your ongoing support during this Crisis. Wishing you and your families safety and health.