Our Father who art in heaven, may Thy kingdom come in earth through Thy presence in me, that the light of Thy word may shine unto those that I meet day by day. May Thy presence in my brother be such that I may glorify Thee. May I so conduct my own life that others may know Thy presence abides with me, and thus glorify Thee.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 262-27

This is the update for September 2018 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER FOR SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE MENTORING CERTIFICATE. Engaging body, mind, and spirit, this holistic coaching program will teach you how to provide support, encouragement, and direction to spiritual seekers while obtaining necessary skills and experience to serve others. A college degree is not required for admittance into this program. Courses include: Principles and Practices of Spiritual Mentorship, Dream Work/Dream Interpretation Teacher Training, Finding Your Mission in Life Teacher Training, Meditation and the Inner Life Teacher Training, and so many more (Certificate Completion Plan).Classes Start October 1; 100% online learning. Finish in 15 months. Apply NOW at

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage will welcome a new group of students this fall to our 700-hour massage therapy program! The application deadline is October 5 – class size is limited so if you or anyone you know is interested in learning holistic massage at the highest standard, please visit our website for more information and to apply online -

Please visit our student clinic to enjoy reduced-priced massage and foot reflexology sessions – open to the public – call for an appointment: 757-457-7146.

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage and the A.R.E. Health Center and Spa collaborated recently to send some of our professional and student massage therapists to offer free chair massage to the Intensive Care Unit nurses at Sentara Leigh hospital. This community outreach event was sponsored by a generous A.R.E. donor who enabled two teams of therapists to work on the tired and hurting nurses in both the afternoon and the evening shifts. We are grateful to be able to share our skills to serve the hardworking nurses.

Join renowned explorers and researchers John Van Auken, Freddy Silva, James Tyberonn, Gary A. David, Hugh Newman, Scott Creighton, Edward Malkowski, and Grace F. Yuksek for Ancient Pathways, Modern Revelations—our Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference! Our exciting line-up of new speakers and returning favorites will share the latest discoveries of hidden histories, ancient origins, mystical mythology, and sacred sites and temples—from Atlantis to ancient America to the stars! Register now to ensure your place. And, be sure to
check the HQ conferences web page for a preview of 2019 programs—more are being added daily!

A Wealth of Information and Your Fingertips! Each week A.R.E. posts information, articles, and contemporary ideas on its Blog. Past Blogs are also searchable by category and author. Some recent posts include: “The Power of Prayer,” “Experience Your Life Review Now,” and “The Evolution and Revolution of Our Energy Bodies.”

For countless individuals, the A Search for God (ASFG) material is at the heart of the Edgar Cayce information. Regardless of your religious or spiritual experiences, the ASFG material has proven instrumental to individuals around
the world who want to transform their lives. In addition to a new member benefit based on this material called “the Enlightenment Series,” consider joining a Study Group near you. For more information visit

Your latest Enlightenment Series lesson is up and available in the member-only section of our website. This year’s lessons have been taken from Kevin Todeschi's book Edgar Cayce’s Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality with additional video lessons offered. Next year’s monthly lessons will be based on the Cayce topic of “Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose.” 

Big things are happening in the Edgar Cayce Foundation! Our archivist, Jessica Newell, is making certain that the Cayce material is properly preserved:

  • A new fire suppression system was installed in the vault last month! The new system can put out a fire in less than 10 seconds without damaging any of the archival materials; and it’s safe for human contact, too. This is a huge step toward preserving these historic records for generations to come.
  • A new climate control system was installed in the archive, as well! This system controls both the temperature and humidity to make sure all of papers, photos, and a/v media have the best chance at an extended life.

These improvements are possible only through your donations to the E.C.F. Davis Fund over the past couple of years! Thank you! We are still raising money for a Spacesaver shelving system in E.C.F. If you are interested in seeing how you can help, please contact Patrick Belisle at or 757-457-7126.

Edgar Cayce on the Dead Sea Scrolls – More than 11 years before the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947, Cayce’s readings described a sect of Judaism about which scholars knew little. He referred to this group as the Essenes. Cayce gave a great deal of information about their work and their lives. In one reading, Cayce was asked to explain the term Essene, “(Q) What is the correct meaning of the term “Essene”? The answer was given simply as “(A) Expectancy.” Glenn Kittler’s book about these Cayce readings, which was originally edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce, is now back in print and available for purchase!

Edgar Cayce’s Famous “Black Book” – Imagine being able to ask the sleeping Edgar a question on almost any topic? Thumbing through his “famous black book” is like stepping back into Cayce’s time to gain wisdom straight from the source of universal consciousness that he was known to access. Popular in the 1960s as an “Individual Reference File,” it was made famous as the “black book” in Jess Stearn’s bestselling biography, The Sleeping Prophet, and is now back in print and available for purchase! Order your copies at

STILL ROOM ON OUR REMAINING 2018 TRIP: November 16-20: Cambodia and Vietnam led by Peter Woodbury!


Contact A.R.E. Travel Programs toll free at 888-273-3339, or visit

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