My Aura Camera Experience
By Kitty Kirk


Many times over the years, I have wondered if a specific healing technique has worked and if anything has changed within my body. Ortho-bionomy and chiropractic adjustments can be measured in pain reduction, but energy movement and chakra openings are unseen and elusive to me. Like Missouri, I am a "show me" left brainer, and I was intrigued but reluctant to try the aura camera offered in the A.R.E. Bookstore & Gift Shop at A.R.E.'s Virginia Beach headquarters until my chiropractic appointment at the A.R.E. Health Center & Spa in August of 2015.


Aura Photo ExampleThe doctor (the late, Peter Schoeb) and I were both unsure of the direction to take this appointment, because I lacked any specific physical issue to work on. Intuitively Dr. Schoeb cleared my energy through the chakras as he worked along my spine. While I have experienced energy work before-both giving and receiving-this was a very different session entirely. My body felt no different, but there was clarity of thinking that I couldn't dismiss. After saying goodbye, I took Dr. Schoeb's suggestion to have the aura scan done.


Without fanfare, the bookstore clerk set a tiny camera on the countertop tripod and directed me to place my hand on the palm-sized black box next to it. A few moments later, he asked me to stand still for the photo. Before I could finish shopping, the information was in my hands-a seven-page report, filled with data about me, specifically the state of my energy as it relates to my chakras. In graph form, it showed my crown and base chakras to be at peak performance, at level 10. The others were rather low in comparison, at three. It explained my low chakra energy was unbalanced with limited creative, emotional and expressive qualities. It went further to explain where each one was physically located and what effect this energy level had on my well-being, spiritually and physically.


aura chakrasI was amazed to see how closely it resembled my astrology chart. Personality traits, relationships, career, and finance information seemed to be spot-on, as if I had filled out a form for them to use! Four months later, in January of this year, I went to the Monroe Institute for a week-long intensive called "Energy Body." By the end of the week, I had learned to raise my own energy and clear my chakras. I felt a great deal better and decided to get another aura image to see if the change was reflected in my scan. I headed down to the bookstore once more to measure my inner growth.


As I waited for the scan to begin, I decided to experiment a little. I directed love to everyone in the store as I placed my hand on the scanner, and kept sending love out as the photo was taken. The report was vastly different than the one taken in August; this aura photo clearly showed green radiating from my body! Each chakra level was now in the mid-to-upper range displaying great improvement across the board. I could finally visualize the internal changes I had worked so hard on, and I can think of no other device that offers me a snapshot of my spiritual progress.


Each report is a useful measure or marker confirming that I am moving forward, and my yearly plans now include an updated scan. If you ever find yourself in Virginia Beach, take a moment to have a scan done. You may be pleasantly surprised with the result!





kitty-kirkKitty Kirk is a spiritual seeker and longtime member of the ARE. Kitty is a member of the Wayshowers, an intuitive group created by Carol Anne Liaros and Henry Reed. Since retiring from nursing and the family lumber business, she carves decoys, paints and writes family history. She has been married to husband Bruce for 35 years, and is the proud mother of three children.


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