By Josie Varga

Recently, people across the globe began talking about a young Utah woman who died in a car accident. Nothing unusual; unfortunately, fatal collisions happen all the time. However, this one was different.

The mother, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, was found dead in her car nearly 14 hours later, upside-down in frigid water. Her 18-month daughter, Lily, was found unconscious but alive, strapped in her car seat. The fact that the baby was found alive is nothing short of miraculous, but the story doesn't end there.

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When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they said they heard a distinct voice coming from the car. They all heard it, and said it did not sound like a child's voice. In fact, they said they heard a distinct woman's voice calling for help. They even responded back, telling the "woman" to hang in there and that they were coming.

However, when they finally managed to turn the car around and get to the woman, they were shocked to find that she was dead, and had been for some time. How is this possible? The media is calling this voice a mystery and unexplainable. But is it really unexplainable?

This incident is what I refer to as a "visit from heaven." These are metaphysical experiences that occur when someone is either contacted directly or indirectly through a third party by someone who is deceased. I coined the term when writing my book, Visits from Heaven, which contains experiences from around the world.  All of the experiences in the book are backed up by some sort of proof.

To give you some background, I wrote the book after my husband's former boss, Rich, who died in the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, came to me in a vivid dream. I had never met Rich or his family, yet I knew it was him. Rich came to me with a message for his wife that was later validated.

More Visits From HeavenThe entire story is told in my book, but to explain it briefly, Rich wanted me to tell his wife that "Boston is OK." I had no idea what this meant, but I was convinced that what I had experienced was real and that I needed to get this message to her. When I did, I found out that his wife had a brother in Boston and was considering moving there. But because her home was purchased with her husband before his untimely death, she felt guilty about selling the house and moving.

The message, "Boston is OK," now made perfect sense. His message was meant to let his wife know that she need not feel guilty about moving as it was alright with him. I did not realize it at the time, but this experience would ultimately lead me on a spiritual quest which would later result in my book Visits from Heaven and others.

Having explained this, many people have been asking about my opinion regarding the recent incident in Utah. My opinion is that what happened is not as mysterious or unexplainable as some might think. As I have explained many times, our loved ones can and do help us from the Other Side.

My experience with Rich was life-changing and proved to me that communication with the other side is beyond a doubt very real. Yes, there is physical death as we don't have our bodies anymore when we cross over. However, we are alive in spirit, which is our true essence. As the great mystic Edgar Cayce once said, ""Death in the physical is the birth in the spiritual. Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual." In other words, when we die, we go back to the spiritual.

Our deceased loved ones communicate with us in several ways.  For example:

  1. Through vivid dreams.This is the most common form of contact as it is easier for our loved ones to communicate when we are in a relaxed state.
  2. Telepathic communication.This means mind-to-mind communication. We may have a thought suddenly pop into our head, or we may hear a voice. This voice can be heard with our inner or outer ear. As in the case with Groesbeck, the officers and fire fighters heard a voice seemingly coming from the vehicle (outer ear). However, often the voice appears to come from within (inner ear).
  3. Physical:  These signs occur in a variety of ways. We may witness lights or televisions flickering on and off. We may see actual apparitions. Other physical signs include butterflies, dragonflies, and pennies.
  4. Touch and Sensation: We may sense a presence in the room or actually feel a touch.
  5. Music: A song may come on a radio. For example, you are thinking of your deceased husband and ask for a sign. Suddenly, your wedding song comes on the radio.
  6. Photographic: Often the spirits of our loved ones appear as orbs in photographs. (These orbs are also sometimes seen with the naked eye.)
  7. Synchronicity: These are what many call "Godincidences." You are thinking of a loved one, and all of a sudden you notice that the car in front of you has a license plate with his name on it. Many times what seems like a coincidence is actually a "visit from heaven."
  8. Third Party Signs: These are signs from a third party, for example, a psychic medium or as in my instance with Rich, where I was the third party.
  9. Smell: You may smell the cologne that your deceased husband used, or if your friend was a smoker, you may suddenly smell cigarettes.
  10. Interventions: As in the case with Jennifer Groesbeck, our loved ones often intervene to help us here on earth.

According to a report by ABC News Reporter Susanna Kim, Spanish Fork Police officer Lt. Matt Johnson said the police don't believe the voice came from Groesbeck. According to the report, Johnson told ABC News, "Due to the trauma she sustained, we suspect she was deceased upon impact. I don't believe she survived the impact of the car crash. There was massive trauma."

In other words, they don't believe the voice could have come from Lily's mother, because she was deceased and that is "not" possible. Only it is possible. Our loved ones do and can communicate with us from beyond. My book, Visits from Heaven, and many other books contain validated accounts proving just that. I also have a popular group on Facebook (the same name as my book, Visits from Heaven) in which thousands have shared their experiences.

Visits From Heaven BookAgain, this event is not as unexplainable as some may think.  This was a visit from heaven or afterlife communication in which a deceased mother was able to help her daughter. When we die, we merely change form and are very much alive. As Edgar Cayce once said, "Death is only passing through God's other door." My heart-felt condolences go out to the family and friends of Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck. May they find comfort in the knowledge that love never dies. In fact, nothing is stronger than love, not even death.

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