Grace is the condition of having a positive attitude toward life and relationships, even in the midst of life’s frequently difficult conditions. Grace comes when we subdue negative thoughts, feelings, and activities, and replace them with positive ones. For example, when we have feelings of anger, resentment, contention, despair, confusion, and fear, we are living in the condition of karma and karmic reactions. But when we subdue anger, resentment, contention, despair, confusion, and fear – replacing them with patience, faith, forgiveness, trust, and harmony, then we are living in the condition of grace.

Edgar Cayce explained that when we are expressing the life force given to us in thought and action in a creative manner, then we are living in the spirit of grace. (Edgar Cayce reading 2800-2) This means that all we really have to do is observe whether our thoughts, words, and actions are creative, uplifting, and positive or whether they are destructive, belittling, and negative. It’s as easy as that – of course we must be honest with ourselves as we observe.

When experiencing life with others, we tend to focus on the weaknesses and vices of those we share life with. This results in karma. If we try to focus on the strengths and virtues of those we share life with, then we live in the spirit of grace. And when we have this positive attitude, then we project grace on to those we share life with, rather than projecting karma and negative vibrations upon them.

Selfishness and self-centeredness brings karma. Love, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness brings grace. If someone treats us badly, we have a choice in how we react, and reaction can bring either karma or grace. Now this does not mean that we let people hurt us and treat us badly – no. We must protect our hearts, minds, and bodies. But how we react to others and to life’s circumstances brings either karma or grace. Remember the rule: as we sow, so we reap. If we sow the fruits of the Spirit, the grace that comes from those fruits is ours. (Edgar Cayce reading 5752-3)

For our own sakes, we should always choose grace. It is the healthier, happier way to live and think.

How can we find the strength to be positive when life is painful and people can be disappointing? We find strength through prayer, meditation, and quiet moments of reflection within our hearts and minds. (Edgar Cayce reading 2281-1) We find strength from the renewal that comes from withdrawing from life for a period. That could be a few moments, hours, or even good night’s sleep. Few of us can maintain a positive attitude all the time! We need to get out of the daily demands, and retreat for a while. It’s like a scale. One the one side of the scale we have outer life with others and our daily demands and personal feelings. One the other side we have private time, personal time, inner time for reflection and renewal. Here we find quietude and peace. Here we may also find our soul, and its nourishment. (Edgar Cayce reading 296-1) The outer self grows weary but the soul is always ready to help and share its strength with us.

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