REMcloud Is a Social Network Connecting
the World Through Dreams
By Jennie Taylor Martin

I recently learned of a new social network that offers its users the opportunity to not only share their dreams but to request interpretations and track who else in the world has had a similar dream.

RemcloudThe site, called, was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article where it was described as the “Twitter of dreams,” a very apt description because members share their dreams with friends and loved ones every day, though REMcloud does allow more characters for dream descriptions (400) than Twitter allows for its tweets (a 140-character limit).

I recently spoke with REMclouds’s CEO Kim Muhota, who said, “The idea originated from the notion that it is a primal human desire to share our dreams with others who we care about. REMcloud is leveraging that human instinct and converging it with a powerful social networking platform to create a unique user experience. REMcloud’s mission is to become the largest repository of human consciousness.

Something very unique to REMcloud’s dream sharing that we thought A.R.E. members and supporters in particular might like is that the site provides interesting global insights around people who had similar dreams, as well as what those dreams could mean. REMcloud is focused on showing that dreams are not just individual experiences, but are also global experiences shared by many people. In the Wall Street Journal, CEO Kim Muhota said that, “it’s almost like tapping into the collective consciousness of the globe.” The Dream Mosaics seem to be showing that any dream experience is a shared experience by many. For example, if you have a recurring dream about a tsunami in Asia, REMcloud can show you three people who dreamt about a tsunami in Singapore in the last week. For example, one person dreamt, “And scary it seems that I dreamt of Tsunami in Singapore and I was running like mad.” You may decide to start following this person on REMcloud to see what else they dream about.

When asked what inspired him to start the company, Kim Muhota said that sharing dreams with loved ones is a very natural human behavior. Kim also says that dreams are more important than people think and have reshaped history and created immense wealth many times in the recent past. Indeed, dreams are now on many people’s minds – the recent movie by Christopher Nolan, Inception, did exceptionally well in the box office (estimated gross: $820MM world-wide); and REMcloud’s Facebook fan page has grown to more than 1 Million fans in just a few months.

Visit to learn more. It’s a fun and exciting way to stay connected with loved ones and friends, share and discover a very powerful dimension of who you are, and experience the world’s consciousness in real-time.

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