“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think,” was the philosophical statement of Socrates. In many ways, the thoughts of Socrates parallel mystery school teachings including his most well-known quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

There is no clear record that Socrates was part of a mystery school, but the mystery temple philosophies were said to have inspired the rise of thought in the Greek empire, as temple life was something every Greek participated in on some level, including rituals on holidays, sacred ceremonies, and even the occasional trek to see an Oracle for guidance.

One of the most famous was the temple at Delphi with the famous Oracles. The esoteric axiom inscribed above the temple door—"Know Thyself," was a mental reminder to those who entered the temple of the first lesson each mystery school student endeavored to answer: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Sacred symbols of the mystery school teachings remain in locations around the world. The most famous are found in the temples of ancient Egypt, including Karnak. The divine energy of the goddess Sekhmet is still felt today by those who visit there and many come away with stories of profound experiences while entering her temple.

How are Wisdom Teachings shared? 

The teachings from the mystery schools are referred to as wisdom, enlightenment, and esoteric teachings and have been shared through many ages of humanity. Carefully crafted, the teachings were taught exoterically to the masses in parables and esoterically to those who were ready to look deeper within their soul.

Each lesson is a ritualistic experience. It is first introduced to the mind, then experienced through the heart, and eventually becomes part of the soul, carried forth from one lifetime to the next. It could be more accurately described to say that the teachings are absorbed within to gain new life, rather than committed to rote memory.

The goal of a mystery school is to present the core concepts of universal wisdom. The teacher can be viewed as a gardener, planting seeds of knowledge in the mind of the burgeoning student. The student then contemplates and cultivates these thoughts so that the seeds grow and yield fruit. 

This is referred to as turning knowledge into wisdom, moving from information gathering into action by applying what has been learned into daily life. As the student begins the process of knowing, (gnosis), and awakening, each step leads further inward, gaining momentum along the way leading into a rebirth of the soul, which alters the person on all levels.

This experience is symbolized by the butterfly, “As Within, So Without.” It begins life in one form as a caterpillar and then engages in a transformative process—going within a cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly.  

This is how the esoteric teachings work. Rather than you absorbing them, they take root and absorb into you, forever changing who you are and how you view the world. Rather than you seeking to control the garden, you become the garden.

Students who wish to explore their inner selves begin the journey to discover who they are. Each person retains this information deep within their soul where they hold the key and the answers. The essence of the school is the inner temple created within the heart, mind, and soul which then connects to the higher self on the spiritual planes. 

As each student endeavors to answer the first lesson they are presented with, “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?”, the esoteric teaching referred to as “As Above, So Below” is contemplated. 

This teaching explains that… 

When We Activate Our Consciousness,
We Become Magical Beings and Can Harness This Energy 

When the higher consciousness is activated, the universal energy becomes aware of our presence and engages with us. During this awakening, a series of alchemical changes occur opening the physical and auric body to receive an energetic transformation and informational download. 

Energy is now directed around the person enhancing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Prior to this exchange, the heart, body, and mind may only have perceived and been able to hold a small amount of this energy in their aura. This new connection expands the aura so that it can receive and store more light energy, working as both a containment unit and energy source. 

This leads to a profound awakening for the student that is as timeless and as relevant and life-altering today as it was in the sacred temples of Egypt. 

In that Moment of Awareness and Enlightenment, 

Everything Changes on Every Level 

To explain further, universal energy flows continuously like a waterfall from the higher planes onto the earth plane. Each day, as our thoughts, words, actions, and deeds pour forth from each of us, they interact with this energy source, which creates the complex system of what occurs in our daily lives. 

In its basic level, this experience is taught as a parable called the “Law of Attraction.” The reason why the teaching of this law has not worked for many people is that it does not delve further into the process. The Law of Attraction (that energy follows thought) is like flowing water, it follows the easiest path. For many people, their thoughts and emotions generate from the first three chakras; the seat of will in the solar plexus, the desire of the sacral chakra, and the survival center of the root chakra. From this connection, through the emotional and mental bodies, most thoughts, words, actions, and deeds are short lived due to the dense matter of this energy which can only be sustained in short bursts. 

In this state, thoughts interact briefly with the universal energy, causing an action and reaction (cause and effect) within the person and outwardly on the earth plane and then it is gone. Unless the thought is repeated often, continuing to send it back to this waterfall, (which causes greater action and reaction to occur regarding this particular thought), it will dissipate quickly. This is due to the amount of energy required from the lower self, (lower three chakras), which is exhaustive. The result is reactive only. Basically, we send out a lower level desire or impulse and it is reflected back to us, but without a strong storage containment of energy in the aura to hold this thought for long periods of time, it has a limited shelf life. 

When a person awakens and connects with universal energy, they have the opportunity to operate from the higher consciousness. The person is now able to communicate with deliberate and greater focused energy to this universal waterfall. They will participate in a powerful ancient ritual, which begins with, “Now, I See You and You See Me.” And, “I AM interacting with you and wish to magnify this energy with you to create an outcome.” 

As the Universal Energy becomes aware that you are “awake,” its energy quickens and vibrates with yours and things begin to happen at a faster pace. It has no problem keeping up with you, as quickly as you are willing to progress. At this point, you will begin to see what truly is possible in such a magical universe. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.  

Mystery schools teach this ritual after the student has dedicated the time to know themselves and the connection between the body, mind, and soul, as connecting with energy, (much like electricity), can be used for positive or negative results. Some choose not to work on the side of light. Rather than operate from the loving connection through the heart chakra and higher self, they conduct energy from the lower bodies to achieve their desires. Accessing energy at this level can be achieved, however, it has the detrimental effect of taking a harsh toll on the body, mind, and soul. This is one of the reasons that mystery schools engage in working with the student on themselves before sharing these ancient secrets. Otherwise, unwanted consequences can result, and the student may not be prepared to handle them.  

These are the core principles, which are ageless and timeless and describe the teachings that have been presented around the world in ancient times through the High Priestesses, Wise Men and Women, and Shamans. The gateway in the ancient mystery temples of Egypt was entered through working with both Hathor and Sekhmet. 

Wisdom teachers and mystery schools exist to guide the student through this process of reconnecting with the Divine Mysteries. Each lesson is referred to as "peeling back the onion."

As we peeled back a layer here in this lesson, I leave you with this question… 

Are you the person you thought you were?


Are you capable of something greater than you ever imagined? 

Perhaps you are the sum of all of these things and even more than revealed thus far. Now that you are aware of these possibilities, what will you do with them?


Kala speaks to Reflections host Peter Woodbury about Mystery Schools.