Taking up the Cross
by Gordon Yumibe

“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” (Luke 9:23)

“ In the beginning He was the Son—made the Son—those of the Sons that went astray; and though the varying activities overcame the world through the experiences, bearing the cross in each and every experience, reaching the final cross with all power, all knowledge in having overcome the world, and of Himself accepted the Cross…” (Edgar Cayce Reading 262-36)

“…the cross becomes a symbol of that which must be borne and overcome in every life… So, in bearing our crosses we overcome those conditions that would hinder us in meeting the issues of life.” (Excerpt from Chapter X of A Search for God, Book I, “The Cross and the Crown”)

Taking up the crossThese two Readings by Edgar Cayce have become the central focus of my life. I picked up my cross many years ago and learned the lessons I needed to expand my life in a way that has brought the joy, knowledge, and power that was promised. It seems unimaginable, but I think we can all learn to articulate and expand our world to encompass the entire universe. It can all begin by picking up one’s cross. It can be borne. It will remain as our cross until there is nothing left but Love and Light. Hold up your cross so that others, too, will see the Wisdom of your Ways. Your consciousness will be freed to expand and grow to what was once considered unimaginable heights.

I’ve been reluctant to reveal too much of myself before in my writings but with some encouragement I decided to explain some of the details that have helped shape my understanding of what I am writing about. Sometime, several years ago while at Virginia Beach, I attended an impromptu sunrise service on Easter morning during which I became illuminated with light. It has taken me years since to understand what had happened. Though I still feel like a newborn, I have been able to find other seekers who shared similar experiences through readings and study courses. I am now in touch with the Son and the Father through the Holy Spirit. That is part of what I have come to understand.

Cayce’s readings are an accurate description of what he calls the Creative force. I am in no way anything more than I ever was. I am still a gardener who needs to earn his daily bread and I make no assumptions about who I am. I am also becoming more of a teacher/healer. I send my light and love out into this world to anyone who may need it. I am responding to what I see as a need in my fellow brothers and sisters. I am hoping we can all become reconnected to our source of love, life, and spirit. There are no shortcuts and the way forward is difficult at best. The lessons need to be deeply embedded in our hearts and minds before they can become a permanent part of our collective Soul and Wisdom. The Christ Consciousness is also part of this collective dream we are having. I’ve seen it as another tangible state of awareness. It will continue to grow and expand here as we learn to share it with others. It is all a part of our Divine heritage and Divine purpose. Pick up your cross. I felt my own heart chakra open up and become illuminated last night while I was still dreaming this dream.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, he who believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father. (John 14:12 KJV)

Gordon YumibeGordon Yumibe is a lifelong seeker with an interest in Jungian, Gnostic, and Edgar Cayce material. While he is a professional gardener by trade, he also has a psychology degree. In 2009, he received a Spiritual Mentoring Certificate from Atlantic University. You can find Gordon on Facebook.