presented before you

beyond darkness of morning

lies a carpet of welcome

I have placed at your feet


the present I give you

is a gift we’ll call day

you may use as you wish

or just throw it away


you may think it is Me

that will steer you along

the control is not mine

you could not be more wrong


this path laid before you

like a bendable street

your desire to turn it

leads to where we will meet


If you ask for My hand

be assured that each day

My love will surround you

each step of your way


I’m there when you stumble

crash down to ground screaming

I’m there when you’re laughing

looking up to sun beams


I may be The One

who bent path up or downhill

I could be The One

who placed rocks in your way


for a child too protected

of parents well meaning

will not fly far from the nest

if their hold too unyielding


to curl and do nothing

needs not met today

certainly is your option

soul growth on delay


don’t measure your journey

by mirror or time

days are only a measure

I give to mankind


as endless as sky

where will you begin

keys needed in the without

hidden in the within


this path I have given

the direction and speed

you have full control of

is not up to Me


the light is now shining

which way will you go

on way laid before you

not even I know