The Infinite, Eternal Oneness

By John Van Auken


In the thousands of enlightening readings given by Edgar Cayce there is woven a fascinating thread telling of ancient beings who held a belief in the Oneness of all. As we study this idea in the Cayce archives, we become aware that Cayce is describing something much bigger than simple oneness, he's describing a wholeness that no one can get beyond. No one can get beyond the Whole for the Whole is the whole; there is nothing beyond it. It is infinite and universal. Strangely, it is everywhere and yet nowhere! It is the Hidden Cosmic Womb and the Universe. Keep in mind that our scientists tell us that we only see 4 percent of the universe-96 percent is invisible! There's much more to life and reality than we perceive at present. But there was a time when you and I knew it all! We experienced it all. And those memories are latent within us today.


all religionsLet's review this ancient tale in order to touch that place within us again. It begins long before our lives today. It begins when we were angels! Yes, we were once angels or "godlings" in the heart and mind of the Infinite Eternal One, as Kabbalah teaches. This is God and all of creation, what the Bible calls "the Heavenly Hosts" or "Heavenly Assembly." Jesus referred us to this passage in an answer he gave to the Pharisees in the gospel of John 10:33. The Pharisees charged him: "'It is not for a good work that we stone you but for blasphemy; because you, being a man, make yourself God." To this charge Jesus answered, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, you are gods?'" Jesus is referring to lines in Psalm 82:1,6: "God presides in the great assembly. He judges among the gods…You are gods, all of you are sons [and daughters] of the Most High."


According to Cayce and many other sources of ancient lore, you and I were conceived in the Universal Consciousness, in the Womb of God's Mind. It all began with God conceiving the essence of beingness or what is known today as the Logos, the prototype being. God is not a being but an infinite, eternal Spirit; as Jesus shared with the woman at the well: "God is Spirit and seeks same to worship Him." (John 4:24) And this Logos followed God's creative way by conceiving all of us-beings within the Being, which is in the Infinite Spirit. Jesus: "In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you." (John 14:20) And this Logos, or "the Word," as John wrote in the opening of his gospel, conceived us intentionally and specifically! Yes, I know it doesn't feel that way today, but it's true. And even today God, our Creator, is mindful of us; the Infinite is aware of each finite being. This is the Collective Consciousness within the Oneness.


Originally we were angels or godlings like God: "God created man in his own image." (Genesis 1: 27) The English word "man" in this passage is actually the Hebrew word for "being" or "person," with no gender-specific intimation. Male and female were one in each being. That word is "adam" with a lower-case "a," and does not mean a male man. And only in Genesis is this Hebrew word translated "man"; in other parts of the Bible this same word is translated as "person." The angels, godlings, or "persons" were created in the image of God, having both the yin and yang in oneness within themselves, as God also contains both. It was not until we get to Genesis, chapter 2, verse 18, that these qualities were separated into two different forms, woman and man.


Angel monument 072012In this next reading Cayce is being asked questions about angels and specifically the concept of a guardian angel: "Is it through the guardian angel that God speaks to the individual?" He answered: "…Yes-through thy angel, through thy self that is the angel-does the self speak with thy Ideal!" (1646-1) Here Cayce told his stenographer to italicize the words "self" and "is" in order to emphasize to us that a portion of our being is the angel! He also told her to capitalize the initial letter in the word "ideal" because it refers to God, but allows that we individuals have varying concepts of who and what God is, so Cayce allows for whatever our "ideal" of God maybe. In another reading he said: "'I will give my angels charge concerning thee'…The face of the self's own angel is ever before the Throne. Commune oft with Him." (1917-1)


Can we accept this as absolutely true? Can we fully comprehend that a portion of you and me is "ever before the Throne" of God's consciousness? Clearly our original condition was as an angel and a godling, and that portion of us still exists, and it is that portion of our being that may commune with us, guard us, and even guide us because it is in direct contact with God's Mind, or another way to say this is that it is and has always been, and continues to be a portion of God! And it is through this angelic portion of our being that we may commune with our loving Creator, in whose image we are made and have our being.


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