The Psychic Reading 2533-8, given by Edgar Cayce at the office of the Association, Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., May 3, 1944 was extraordinary due to its uniqueness. The Cayce Source chose to elaborate on the word “transmutation” in its answer to a query regarding the resurrection of Jesus. The Reading was highlighted in the March 29, 2013 blog, “The Mystery of the Resurrection.” A partial reproduction follows:

There is no mystery to the transmutation of the body of the Christ. For having attained in the physical consciousness the at-onement with the Father-Mother-God, the completeness was such that with the disintegration of the body―as indicated in the manner in which the shroud, the robe, the napkin lay―there was then the taking of the body-physical form. This was the manner. It was not a transmutation, as of changing from one to another.

Just as indicated in the manner in which the body-physical entered the Upper Room with the doors closed, not by being a part of the wood through which the body passed but by forming from the ether waves that were within the room, because of a meeting prepared by faith. For as had been given, “Tarry ye in Jerusalem―in the upper chamber―until ye be endued with power from on high.”

As indicated in the spoken word to Mary in the garden, “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended to my Father.” The body (flesh) that formed that seen by the normal or carnal eye of Mary was such that it could not be handled until there had been the conscious union with the sources of all power, of all force.

The requester had suggested that Christ's body transmuted from a human physical body to a divine body of some sort. The Source quickly responded that there was no transmutation, or changing of the physical body to a divine body. When Christ's physical body vanished in the tomb, it simply disintegrated as stated in the Reading, its elements disappearing into the surrounding space. In other words there was “no changing from one to another.” The soul (mind, spirit) remained constant.

It appears that the physical body of Christ that was seen after the crucifixion was formed by the atoms and elements available at the location; i.e., did not pass through the door like a ghost. The body was formed from the ether waves (energy?) that existed within the room. How? Because the meeting was strongly desired through faith by the disciples and Jesus himself. Such is the “power from on high.”

Perhaps the above also suggests that our bodies are regenerated from the elements existing in the world, they don't come from somewhere else. Indeed scientists today do tell us our bodies are constantly being regenerated, cells are being replaced continually.

Science also informs us that what we see in our minds is not actually what is there physically. The brain receives the data and the mind pieces it all together. Our eyes only see a part of what our minds tell us is there. The optic nerve only carries one megabyte of information to the brain, yet we “see,” or sense far more. Another example; our memories are never exactly correct. Each time we bring up a memory, it is always different from the previous occurrence. So the physical world of matter we think we see and the memories we remember are in large part generated and pieced together in our minds. Thus the world exists primarily in our own individual minds. It is a world unique to each of us.

Thus this life experience is really between us and God. It is not between us and the world. Our relationships with others are meant to help us reveal ourselves and our relationship to God. For how we love others and do unto others is exactly reflective of how we are treating our Creator.