Time for a Spiritual Call for Action
By Judith Lickert

Have the headlines of actions that have gained attention in the world left you feeling distraught, hopeless, or fearful?  It’s quite understandable. Perhaps it’s time to try out a new perspective. Instead of seeing things as hopeless, what if we saw an opportunity to use our spiritual "muscle"?


You may be asking, what is my spiritual muscle? Perhaps a new perspective is required here, too. God is love. You and I were created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, you and I are love as well. Love isn't some airy-fairy emotion; it is the energy that the universe—thus you and I—are made of. The stars, the sun, the water, the earth, the plants, the trees, the animals, the cup you may be holding, the supplements you may be taking, and yes, even the medications. Love is the basis of everything; it is the fundamental building block, and you and I in our creation were given the ability to use it. And we do so all of the time, but perhaps not consciously. Now it is time to wake up.

out in natureHow can you do this? Quiet yourself and reach within.  Feel something stir.  Don't think about it.  Get out of your head, for your mind has been the keeper of the veil of forgetfulness.  Go forth from your heart.  Allow yourself to feel the energy in your body. Be aware of the energy around you and move this awareness out further and further until it reaches the stars. Use your imagination for it is centered in the heart and leads the mind. The energy within your body and surrounding it is all the same; it is love. The energy that holds the universe together while creating all about us is also within us. Allow yourself to remember this through your heart and connect with the power that has been given to you.

What can you do for the world? As you move through your day, with each thought, stay in your true being, in love. In each interaction with other people or situations, remember who you are and stay in love. It is possible. You build your spiritual muscle by using it. Maybe once a day at first, but the more it is used, the stronger and easier it becomes.

Since we are all part of the same whole, the One, as we change, we make it easier for all to change. We lift our own vibrations, and others feel that energy and want to join it. The desire creates the change. As the whole is lifted back into remembrance of whom it is, the world changes to reflect that energy.

Why spend your time and energy despairing for the condition of the world, when you can bring peace into your life and create a loving world by simply being what you really are? Do not believe that life has to be arduous; you are love and joy—be willing to accept that and live from it.

live from love and joy

Here are some truths from the Edgar Cayce readings:


That which makes for the dividing line between the finite and the infinite, the divine and the wholly human, the carnal and the spiritual. For the will may be made one with Him, or for self alone. With the Will, then, does man destine in the activities of a material experience how he shall make for the relationships with Truth. What is Truth? That which makes aware to the inmost self or the soul the Divine and its purposes with that soul. (Edgar Cayce reading 262-81)

Why worry, when ye may pray? Know that the power of thyself is very limited. The power of Creative Force is unlimited. (Edgar Cayce reading2981-1)

Judith Lickert blogJudith Lickert has been a student of the Cayce readings for over 40 years. She is a Life Member and a volunteer in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area. This past year she experienced some life-threatening illnesses. She has found that these have given her the opportunity to deeply recover some memory of who she really is and to live from it.