Trust the Voice Within

Echo Bodine

I need your help. I want to start a movement and spread the word about Intuition. For me, intuition is that still small voice within each of us. It's the divine guidance that—as Edgar Cayce puts it—we don't necessarily get when we want it, but always when we need it. Intuition has always been one of my favorite topics to read about and teach. There's still a lot of confusion about what it is. Many psychics call themselves intuitives which has caused some confusion because people think that psychic abilities and intuition are the same, but they are very different. Having studied both for over 45 years, I would define intuition as a sense, a knowing, a hunch, a gut-feeling somewhere between the heart and stomach area that is 100% accurate.

Psychic abilities include clairvoyance—the gift of sight, clairaudience—the gift of hearing, and clairgustance—the gift of smell which are all located in the mind. The last one, clairsentience—the gift of sensing, is in the body. There's a subtle difference between the sensing in psychic abilities and knowing in intuition.

Trust the Voice WithinWhat I want to do with this movement is bring clarity to people so that they can learn to distinguish their Intuition from the other voices we carry inside such as our parents, teachers, society and significant others. These can sometimes fool us into thinking we are being guided by intuition, but the one key word that helps us distinguish between those voices and the still small voice within is should. Whenever we find ourselves making decisions based on should, we are not using intuition. Oftentimes, intuition is a calm knowing not based on fact or practicality; it can go against our logical mind and to make matters worse, it never explains why we are being guided to do something. We just need to trust that the outcome is perfect for us. That's the hard part for most people, trusting ourselves without following logic.

Edgar Cayce might define the "Intuitive Personality" as openness and trust in one's inner experience. Spontaneity, self-confidence, tolerance of ambiguity and doubt, and willingness to risk criticism.

Living the intuitive way is not easy but it's incredibly rewarding. Here's how it works: You ask a question. Focus your attention on the middle of yourself rather than your head over the next day or so. Pay attention to what you feel led to do. The voice is subtle and silent, so it's more of a knowing than an actual voice. Diving guidance feels like an invisible energy is pushing you in a certain direction, creating a desire within you.

You might be wondering where your mind fits into all of this and it's simple. Once we get the guidance from within, we take it to our mind to work it out. Here's a scenario to help you understand how this works: Let's say you are thinking of going on vacation to New Mexico or Sedona, Arizona, but aren't sure where you should go. First, ask your inner voice which place would be the best. You can ask out loud or write it in your journal. A day or two later, you may start to get a strong desire to see Sedona. Your head says, "yeah but, I really want to go to New Mexico," but the desire for Sedona gets stronger. New Mexico starts to fade and you get a strong gut feeling that Sedona is the perfect spot. That's when you take the answer to your mind and make this happen. Your brain goes into action, pulling all the pieces together and you end up having a perfect time. "

Your inner voice will also guide you to the perfect time to go on that vacation. Since the weather is no longer something we can count on to be normal anywhere in the world, always check with your inner voice on timing.

There isn't a question on Earth that your inner voice won't give you guidance for. That's the job of intuition: to guide us through our life for our highest good.

Echo Bodine - June BlogEcho Bodine was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. A talented and experienced psychic development trainer, spiritual healer, and "ghostbuster," she is the author of Hands That Heal, which teaches others how to channel spiritual healing, and several books on psychic development including The Gift, The Key, and the forthcoming My Little Book of True Ghost Stories. Her book A Still Small Voice includes a much lengthier explanation of intuition and living this way of life. Echo has appeared on numerous television shows, including Sightings, Beyond with James Van Praagh, and The Today Show. She has hosted her own cable TV show, New Age Perspectives , and radio show, Intuitive Living. Paramount Pictures solicited her services for the promotion of the movie Ghost. She has just released her 10th book, My Big Book of Healing. Visit her Web site to learn more.