More than 700 of Edgar Cayce's health readings recommended

...whole wheat or other whole grains, especially as a part of breakfast.

--Edgar Cayce reading 65-1

and describes whole grains as foods that

...add energy to the blood and nerve supply.

Here's a great video that explains what whole grains are and why we should choose them:



Most of us know that whole grains are good for our health, but food marketing can mislead us. Shoppers in a hurry may trust the phrases on the front of a package. By checking the ingredients list instead, we can seek the words "whole" or "whole grain" applied to wheat, oats, rye, and other grains. "Brown rice" is the term to look for when purchasing rice.

Choosing foods labeled with the Whole Grains Council stamp of approval is one easy way to recognize healthy whole grains.

The Cayce readings warned that we should avoid consuming too much sugar along with our whole grains. Many sugary cereals, for example, tout their whole grain content, but a closer look reveals that sugar, in its many disguises, is a top ingredient. Modern nutrition research reinforces both the benefits of whole grains and the Cayce caveat against sugar.

Making healthier food choices like choosing whole grains alone and in bread and cereals is an important way we can improve our health.