Your energetic vibration is to psychic development like yeast is to bread. If your yeast isn’t good, your bread won’t rise and if your vibration is low, you won’t be able to pick up the higher level of psychic information you crave. This is why your energy matters when you are looking to nurture your natural psychic abilities.

So how do you make sure your vibration is high, strong and healthy? There are many ways. One is to recognize the warning signs of a poorly functioning chakra and then learn what you can do to support that chakra. Let’s take the Brow Chakra as an example as it is the Chakra most people think of for strong psychic ability.

When the Brow Chakra, also known as the Third Eye, is struggling it creates a distrust or fear of intuition. There can be other warning signs like strong headaches (without other causes,) hearing negative voices (many of us are clairaudient so we have to be careful there,) strong sensitivity to light, delusion, only believing what one can see or touch or a general lack of trust in “the Universe.” Now, for example, not all people who don’t trust in a higher power have a poorly functioning Brow Chakra, yet combined with other clues, these warning signs can be telling.

One was to support your Brow Chakra is to combine crystals with an affirmation!

  1. Find a crystal that has the desired vibration (here are a few)
    a. Blue Apatite,
    b. Lapis, Sodalite,
    c. Blue Aventurine,
    d. Blue Kyanite
  2. Think of an affirmation that aligns with your vision of a strong, in this case, Brow Chakra or is healing for your warning sign.
    a. You can work with your warning sign. For example: “I am trusting my intuition more each day.” Or “I accept there is more in life than I can see.”
    b. You can work with the vision of a strong chakra. For example: “My intuition grows clearer every day”
  3. Put the crystal someplace you see it multiple times a day and repeat your affirmation each time you see the crystal.
  4. Keep an eye out to take action on your affirmation as the Universe will provide choices and opportunities to manifest your affirmation.

Another way to support your Energetic System is to create a Crystal Grid based on the Chakra you want to support! Want to learn how? Join me in person or online at the Edgar Cayce Conference Natural Born Psychic: Awakening and Applying Your Innate Intuitive Gifts, November 4 - 6, 2022 to learn how to create your own Crystal Grid to support your Energetic System!