According to the readings, between earthly incarnations, your soul lives, or sojourns, in the “environs” of the planets.

Several theories have been offered over the years for how astrology works. A causal theory proposes that there may be an actual physical influence from the planets (like the Moon-controlled tides) that is too small to be measured at the present time.

Another suggested theory is Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity stating that things happening at the same given moment are in some way meaningfully connected.

“We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else.” —C.G.Jung

The Cayce readings brought forward a more universal and cosmic view of astrology with the idea of planetary sojourns. According to the readings, between earthly incarnations, your soul lives, or sojourns, in the “environs” of the planets, and the astrological influences you experience during this lifetime result from those between-life periods spent (not in physical form) in the environs of the planets.

"Hence we find astrological aspects and influence in the experience, but rather because of the entity's sojourn in the environ than because of a certain star, constellation or even zodiacal sign being in such and such a position at the time of birth." (1895-1)

In addition, an astrological reading does not give information about past earthly lives.

"Q. What is a horoscope reading?

"A. That in which the planets and their relative forces having to do with the planets that control the actions without respect of will or without respect of the earthly existences through which the body has passed.

"Q. Do horoscope readings include former appearances in the earth plane?
"A. Not at all." (254-21) (my emphasis)

Many ancient medieval and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions have suggested that there is an astral plane that the soul must cross on its way to entering an earthly life, and then again, after death. Angels and spirits are thought to populate these celestial spheres.

In addition, Paramahansa Yogananda reported the following story in Autobiography of a Yogi (1972). Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda's teacher, passed from the earth on March 9, 1936. He then appeared to Yogananda on June 19, 1936 and told him that, "I am in truth resurrected- not on earth but on an astral planet...there you and your exalted loved ones shall someday come to be with me."

The Cayce readings suggest interesting differences between the influences of past earthly lives and the planetary sojourns.

Planetary Sojourns (between earthly lives) influence your mental development, contribute to your individuality, and are responsible for the influences seen in a horoscope.

Past Earthly Lives influence your emotional development, contribute to your personality, and can only be accessed through life readings, such as the type Edgar Cayce gave. They cannot be seen in a horoscope.

"(the planetary urges)... are but the mental urges that arise and become as the individuality of an entity in expression in the material world; while the appearances in the earth through the various sojourns ...are as but the personality in the entity's experience-and are as the urges from the emotions that have been created."  -- Edgar Cayce reading 633-2

How do the Cayce readings define personality versus individuality?

"Personality is that ye wish others to think and see. Individuality is that your soul prays, your soul hopes for, desires. They need not necessarily be one, but their purpose must be one."  -- Edgar Cayce reading 5246-1

The readings suggest that if the personality and the individuality are not balanced and integrated, then the horoscope might not fit the person.

"Urges termed astrological would be very far from correct in this particular entity. For, as has been indicated, the personality and the individuality of the entity are quite at variance." -- Edgar Cayce reading 5246-1

When working with planetary influences that result from your planetary sojourns, the readings always emphasize the need for setting an ideal and using your will to make life choices.

"Then, as to the influences from the astrological aspects or sojourns during the interim, know that these are merely urges. As to what one does with or about an urge is oft dependent upon what an entity holds as its ideal-and then the application of will as respecting same. -- Edgar Cayce reading 1842-1