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Release Date: April 20, 2016
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A.R.E.’s Annual Reincarnation Conference Provides Proof of Life After Life
Join Neale Donald Walsch and John Holland, May 13-15

John HollandVirginia Beach, Va. – The Edgar Cayce readings are filled with references to past lives, incarnations, and soul journeys. In reading 3744-4, Cayce says, "All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came." According to Cayce, your soul is eternal, and makes an incredible journey from birth to death and beyond. During this inspiring event, attendees will have a chance to explore the soul's journey and its relationship to God in all its facets. Experts will discuss near death experiences (NDEs), afterlife communication, the soul life of our pets and animals, and more. Neal Donald WalschThis will be a truly enlightening program featuring Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch (left), renowned psychic medium John Holland (right), author and Cayce expert John Van Auken, NDE researcher P.M.H. Atwater, LHD, hypnotherapist Jason Parker, PhD, MHt, author Mary Helen Hensley, DC, and professional animal communicator Debbie McGillivray. A.R.E.'s Annual Reincarnation and Soul Life Conference will take place at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. on May 13-15, 2016.

This three-day program will answer many of the important questions people have on reincarnation and the journey of the soul. Psychic medium John Holland will be discussing how love never dies, mediumship, and will do a demonstration with random readings for the audience. Holland is an internationally renowned psychic, spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. He has starred in several TV specials, including A&E's Mediums: We See Dead People and Psychic History for the History Channel. He is the author of several bestsellers on mediumship and the soul, and hosts his own Internet radio show "Spirit Connections."

Joining Holland and the fantastic lineup of speakers will be New York Times best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series, which have sold over 10 million copies in 37 languages. In addition to the nine-book Conversations with God series, Walsch has authored more than 28 other books (eight of which were on the New York Times bestseller's list).

Individuals who register in advance for A.R.E.'s Annual Reincarnation and Soul Life Conference will save $20 off the cost of at-door admission. The advance registration price for each program for A.R.E. members and seniors over 62 is $327, for all non-members under the age of 62, the program will be $367. For more information or to register, please contact the A.R.E. conference registrars at 800-333-4499, or 757-428-3588, ext. 7401, or visit A.R.E.'s conference page online at

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Edgar Cayce founded the non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in 1931, to explore spirituality, holistic health, intuition, dream interpretation, psychic development, reincarnation, and ancient mysteries—all subjects that frequently came up in the more than 14,000 documented psychic readings given by Cayce, who died in 1945. The mission of A.R.E. is simply to help people around the world change their lives for the better through the ideas and information found in the Cayce readings. The Virginia Beach headquarters is a popular site for locals and tourists with free daily lectures, a Health Center & Spa, the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage, an extensive metaphysical library, a meditation garden, a stone labyrinth, and a bookstore and gift shop. Visitors from around the world come to experience conferences featuring speakers on subjects like ancient mysteries, holistic health, and spiritual development. The campus is also home to Atlantic University (AU), which offers two masters degrees (Transpersonal Studies and Leadership Studies) through an online platform, as well as continuing education and certificate programs. Through A.R.E.’s many programs, services, publications, and membership outreach, individuals from all walks of life and religious backgrounds are provided with tools for personal transformation and healing at all levels—body, mind, and spirit. For more information, please visit