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Photos and Images for Media Use

The Edgar Cayce Foundation has made the following select group of photos available to the media. When using any of these photos, include the following credit:

Used by permission of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.

Please also e-mail the Archivist ( and A.R.E. Marketing ( with details and links describing use of the image. Thank you! 

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Edgar Cayce and Family Photos



Edgar Cayce
as a young man

  Edgar Cayce and 
his wife, Gertrude

  Edgar Cayce and his
sons, Hugh Lynn and

Edgar Evans



Edgar Cayce at his desk

  Edgar Cayce with fish

  Construction of the original
Hospital, Cayce foreground


Edgar Cayce on the couch
used during readings

  Gertrude Cayce on the
readings couch

  Young Gladys Davis,
Edgar's stenographer




Cayce family,
late 1930s, 
l to r,
Hugh Lynn, Gertrude,
Edgar Evans, and Edgar

  Edgar Cayce, 1943



Virginia Beach Campus Images







Original Hospital Building, 
circa 1929 

  Historic Cayce Hospital Building -
now the A.R.E. Health Center
& Spa - following
renovations in 2015
  Visitor Center

Gladys Davis Turner Porch
in the Spa Building
  Health Center & Spa
reception area

  Stone labyrinth 
(located in front of the 
Spa building)

    Don and Nancy deLaski Education Center 2014   
 Stairway to Heaven
(between Hospital Building
and Education Center) 

  Don and Nancy deLaski
Education Center

  Meditation Garden 
(located next to the 
Visitor Center)




Bookstore & Gift Shop, 
1st Floor, Visitor Center

  A.R.E. Library, 
2nd Floor, 
Visitor Center