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Our Commitment to Racial Equity

We strive every day for the Global Manifestation of Oneness and the Love of God and All People. At Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E, we believe equality is essential for all, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, or anything in the world that appears to divide us. Edgar Cayce reminded individuals that we are all “our brother’s keeper.” He stated that all individuals must be given the same material and spiritual opportunities because in the eyes of the Creator all individuals are equal.

Race has long held a defining place in American society. It is embedded in our culture, laws and policies, educational institutions, and economy. The result is a system of racial bias and inequities that limits opportunities for people of color. If left unchallenged, such structural racism will continue to threaten our future. At the A.R.E., we believe that it is important—in the current state of the world—for us to stand in solidarity in saying “Black Lives Matter.”

At this period in time, the voices crying out to be heard are asking us to examine ourselves, our institutions, and our systems in place, and look for our blind spots. At the A.R.E., we acknowledge that we often cannot see our blind spots until they are shown to us. We do not know what we do not know until we are made aware. We commit to continuously examining our blind spots, considering our privileges, and seeking to find ways to improve our organization, both in its diversity as well as in how we function internally, with our staff, membership, customers, and visitors and within our diverse communities throughout the world.

The Edgar Cayce readings tell us that in order to change the world, individuals must first do their own inner work. Our focus as an organization is on continuous personal and community improvement. We offer information, tools, and resources that nurture one’s relationship with self, the Divine, and humanity. We seek to meet people where they are through personal life experiences, challenges, and opportunities. We commit to create new programs that support oneness and promote our stand against discrimination or lack of equality in any form in the world.

At Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., our mission is to create opportunities for profound personal change in body, mind, and spirit through the wisdom found in the Edgar Cayce material.

“…ONE – One - ONE; Oneness of God, oneness of man’s relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, ONENESS in every effort.” (900-429)

We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout our nation and the world who understand the oneness of all humanity and seek to ensure that now and in the future, “Black Lives Matter!"

In Appreciation of this Great Work,

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Management and
ARE/AU/ECF Board of Trustees