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Adrian Gilbert

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Adrian Gilbert was born near London, where he attended St. Edmunds College as well as the University of Kent at Cantebury, reading for an Honors degree in Chemistry. His first book, The Cosmic Wisdom Beyond Astrology, was written with the intent of bringing together scientific reasoning and mystical insight. As things have turned out, this has continued to be the hallmark of Adrian's writing and explains why his books have achieved worldwide recognition. In 1992, he met Robert Bauval and together they wrote what was to become an international bestseller, The Orion Mystery. This was followed by a string of other best-selling books, The Mayan Prophecies, Magi, The Holy Kingdom, and The New Jerusalem. Translations of Adrian's books are available in some fifteen languages besides English. Adrian has appeared in a number of documentaries including two for the BBC: The Great Pyramid, gateway to the stars and The Crystal skulls. His Secrets of the Stone of Destiny: Legend, History, and Prophecy is available at


Ancient Mysteries: Stone of Destiny