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Ann Lee Clapp From the Archives


Ann Lee Clapp has been involved with the Edgar Cayce material for decades. She has researched many areas of the readings with special emphasis on ancient Egypt, the Essenes, the life and times of Jesus, and the connection between these periods. She has been a resource person for tours to Egypt and Israel and has had the rare opportunity to stay overnight in the Great Pyramid. Ann is a student, teacher, and resource person on the subject of Egypt in the Cayce Readings. She also started an ongoing Egypt study group at A.R.E. HQ in Virginia Beach. The complete history from the Edgar Cayce readings on the period in Egypt (10,500 B.C.) is contained in the book Edgar Cayce's Egypt compiled by Ann. A.R.E. Members can download her booklet Egypt at the time of Ra Ta in the online member-only section.


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