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Hugh Newman


Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac and author of Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia’s Sacred Sites (2008); co-author of Giants On Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files with Jim Vieira (2015), and is published in three 'Ancient Origins' e-books. He has been a regular guest on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and Search for the Lost Giants and has been on the BBC, Sky TV, Bosnian TV and is currently involved in Megalithic Odyssey (UK) and Road 2 Ruins (US) documentary projects. He has published articles in Atlantis Rising (US), New Dawn (Australia), Nexus (UK/AUS), Mindscape (UK), Heretic (UK), World Explorers Magazine (US), The Circular (UK), and The Leyhunter (UK). An organizer of the annual Megalithomania conferences and tours, he is a featured speaker at A.R.E. events, including the Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference. He currently lives in Glastonbury, England.


Hugh Newman | Reflections Podcast