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Judith Pennington


Judith Pennington is a world authority on EEG biofeedback meditation and the brainwave evolution of consciousness. She teaches classes and workshops on meditation, mind expansion, dream interpretation, and intuition development across the U.S., and writes on these subjects for national and international magazines. She is the author of Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense and The Meditation Experience: Listening to Your Psychic Soul CD Set published by A.R.E. Press. A dynamic, effective teacher, Judith is known for her warmth, sensitivity, inclusiveness, and ease in communicating complex ideas. A popular speaker for A.R.E. at Headquarters in Virginia Beach and in the field, she draws from decades of personal experience and 25 years of investigative research into body-mind healing and spiritual science. To learn more, visit


Meditation and Spiritual Practice