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Julia Cameron


Julia Cameron has had a remarkable career, which in turn has given remarkable help to others. An award-winning poet, playwright, and filmmaker, she has written thirty books, ranging from her widely praised, hard-hitting crime novel The Dark Room to her volumes of children's poems and prayers. Despite her extensive film and theater credits, Cameron is best known for her hugely successful works on creativity. The Artist's Way has sold more than two million copies worldwide, and her follow-up bestsellers, The Vein of Gold, Walking in this World, and The Right to Write, are likewise flagship books which are taught in universities, churches, human potential centers, even in tiny clusters deep in the jungles of Panama. Citing creativity as an authentic spiritual path, Cameron's work has been embraced by such diverse spiritual groups as Buddhists, Sufis, Roman Catholics, Church of Religious Science, and Unity Church. Learn more about her latest projects at


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