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Patrick Belisle


Patrick Belisle is a longtime student of the Edgar Cayce material, a leader of A.R.E. Tours & Travel programs and–for almost the past decade, has been the director of A.R.E.'s Development Office, raising over $30 million and counting. Before arriving at the A.R.E., he spent four years testing Universal Laws while traveling around the world and North America. He lived with Buddhist monks in Thailand, Catholic monks in Minnesota, and had a transformative mystical experience at an ashram in India. In his role as Celebrant over the past 15 years, he has married more than 40 couples. He has been teaching meditation and dream work to young people at A.R.E. Camp for 20 years and has been a speaker around the U.S. His presentations blend vibrant humor with deep substance as he aims to help others find their own path to fulfillment.