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Peter Van Daam

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Peter Van Daam, a graduate of both MIT and Brown University, is an economist and nationally recognized pioneer in home-based education. Introduced to the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce over 40 years ago, he has been studying, applying, and sharing those concepts ever since. He lectures frequently at the A.R.E. presenting the core elements essential for building a lifestyle to rejuvenate the body and awaken the soul. Since 2001, he also has been presenting a Cayce-based morning lymphatic exercise program at the A.R.E.'s conferences and medical symposiums. This 15-minute series of easy-to-learn movements, now available as a popular instructional DVD, Western Yoga For All, is designed to help keep the body physically fit so that its mental and spiritual forces may manifest more fully. You can enjoy it as a free gift with a two-year membership to A.R.E.


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