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Thomas J. Sugrue

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Thomas J. Sugrue (1907–1953) was an outstanding writer, authoring seven exceptional books and hundreds of articles. He sought the help of psychic Edgar Cayce for a rare arthritis disease for which conventional treatments were not working. He arrived at the Cayce's home in June of 1939 as a dying person with a few weeks to live. With Hugh Lynn Cayce as his nurse, he received readings from Edgar Cayce and treatment for his condition. He entered Cayce's home an invalid and left walking in October of 1941. It was during this time that he wrote There Is a River, the only biography of Edgar Cayce written during Cayce's lifetime and the book that made the psychic a household name in 1942. Still available, his biography of Cayce's life has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands. He also lent his writing talents to the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment for numerous articles and news items.


Edgar Cayce's Life and Work