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Reflections Radio/TV Guest Bios

Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron has had a remarkable career, which in turn has given remarkable help to others. An award-winning poet, playwright, and filmmaker, she has written thirty books, ranging from her widely praised, hard-hitting crime novel The Dark Room to her volumes of children's poems and prayers. Despite her extensive film and theater credits, Cameron is best known for her hugely successful works on creativity. The Artist's Way has sold more than two million copies worldwide, and her follow-up bestsellers, The Vein of Gold, Walking in this World, and The Right to Write, are likewise flagship books which are taught in universities, churches, human potential centers, even in tiny clusters deep in the jungles of Panama. Citing creativity as an authentic spiritual path, Cameron's work has been embraced by such diverse spiritual groups as Buddhists, Sufis, Roman Catholics, Church of Religious Science, and Unity Church. Learn more about her latest projects at

Dr. June Avis Bro

Dr. June Avis Bro found her life deeply affected by working daily with Edgar Cayce when she and her husband, Harmon Bro, came to Virginia Beach, Va., in 1943. She set about sharing her interests with others as a pastoral counselor and minister, as well as by using her skills in the performing arts. She has a graduate ministerial degree from Andover-Newton Theological School, near Boston, and a doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching on six campuses while raising five children, she has been a research assistant at Harvard, lectured and held workshops in many cities, led overseas tours to the Near East and China, and served as pastor. A concert pianist, she has served on the music staff in churches of most of the major Protestant denominations and draws on her background in the arts to illuminate myths, symbols, and dreams. At age ninety, she released her first piano CD called “Soul Soundings,” which is being sold in the A.R.E. Bookstore & Gift Shop. Her column for A.R.E.’s Venture Inward magazine, "The Art of Living" is based on her life reading given by Edgar Cayce in 1944. She wrote the foreword to the re-released book A Seer Out of Season written by Harmon Bro.

Kala Ambrose

Kala Ambrose is your "travel guide to the other side!" An award-winning author, wisdom teacher, podcaster, and lifestyle expert, she helps entrepreneurs, seekers, and visionaries live their best life.  She is the author of six books including 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled, The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura. She is considered to be one of the country’s foremost experts on mystic spirituality and intuitive ability and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and create a life that is in tune with their life purpose and goals. She has been a speaker at numerous centers and conferences, appeared on TV and radio, and teaches wisdom seekers around the world through her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences. Learn more about Kala at

Karen Noe

Karen Noé is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and energy healer with a two-year waiting list. She is the author of Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss, Through the Eyes of Another: A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering your Life Review Now, and The Rainbow Follows the Storm: How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones.

After bestselling author, Dr. Wayne Dyer left this physical plane in 2015, Karen has consistently been receiving very profound and specific messages from him for his family and for the world as well. Wayne has also joined with a group of guides that include St. Francis of Assisi, and countless angels and ascended masters, which Karen calls her We Guides. She is presently writing about the messages she has been receiving from them in her latest book, The We Consciousness: Becoming an Instrument of PeaceHer web site is: She is a frequent speaker at A.R.E. Headquarters Conferences.

Kathy Callahan, PhD

Kathy Callahan, PhD, is the author of Living in the Spirit, Applying Spiritual Truth in Daily Life, In the Image of God and the Shadow of Demons, A Metaphysical Study of Good and Evil, and Multisensory Human. She is a career Naval officer who has an educational background in Anthropology and comparative religions. Kathy has been a student of the Edgar Cayce readings for over 40 years, and has presented workshops at A.R.E. Headquarters and field conferences.

Kevin J. Todeschi

Kevin J. Todeschi is executive director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and Atlantic University ( As both student and teacher of the Cayce material for more than 40 years, he has lectured on countless subjects in front of thousands of individuals upon five different continents.

A prolific writer, he is the author of more than 25 books, including the best-selling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic RecordsEdgar Cayce on Soul MatesContemporary Cayce, Edgar Cayce on Auras & Colors (co-author), Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation and Family Karma, Edgar Cayce's Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality and The Best Dream Book Ever. He also authored A.R.E.'s "Dream Interpretation App" and will speak to us on the topic dreams during our live-streamed interview.


Kevin Ryerson

Kevin Ryerson is best known for his prominence in helping Shirley MacLaine's spiritual search, and for his role in her bestselling book and subsequent movie Out on a Limb. An acclaimed author, expert intuitive, futurist, and trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce, Ryerson is a charismatic and energetic speaker who brings deep wisdom and insight to any program. A regular presenter at A.R.E. HQ Conferences, he worked closely with Dr. Semkiw to confirm past lives through channeling of the spirit being Ahtun Re. Visit his Web site:

Kim O'Neill

Kim O’Neill as a renowned medium and channel for over twenty-eight years, Kim O'Neill, voted Houston’s Top Psychic, she demystifies the spirit world through her private sessions, award winning books, national workshops, and online classes. Kim has appeared on over 100 radio stations and television programs and has been interviewed in numerous magazines and newspapers. Her books include How to Talk With Your Angels, The Calling: My Journey with the Angels, and The Way of Knowingness: The Intuitive Path to Your Spiritual Destiny. She is a regular presenter at A.R.E. HQ Conferences and U.S. Conferences. She lives in Houston with her husband and their two children; and you’ll find her online at

Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das is one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and scholars. The Dalai Lama affectionately calls him "The Western Lama." He has spent nearly forty years studying Zen, Vipassana, Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism, and is an authorized lama in the Tibetan Buddhist order, and a meditation master, chant master, and spiritual activist. Lama Surya Das is the author of the bestselling trilogy: Awakening the Buddha Within, Awakening to the Sacred, and Awakening the Buddhist Heart, as well as the recently released Buddha Standard Time. In 1991 he established the Dzogchen Centers and Dzogchen Retreats and with the Dalai Lama he founded the Western Buddhist Teachers Network. Lama Surya Das teaches and lectures around the world in an engaging, interactive, and lively style.