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Reflections Radio/TV Guest Bios

Peter Van Daam

Peter Van Daam, a graduate of both MIT and Brown University, is an economist and nationally recognized pioneer in home-based education. Introduced to the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce over 40 years ago, he has been studying, applying, and sharing those concepts ever since. He lectures frequently at the A.R.E. presenting the core elements essential for building a lifestyle to rejuvenate the body and awaken the soul. Since 2001, he also has been presenting a Cayce-based morning lymphatic exercise program at the A.R.E.'s conferences and medical symposiums. This 15-minute series of easy-to-learn movements, now available as a popular instructional DVD, Western Yoga For All, is designed to help keep the body physically fit so that its mental and spiritual forces may manifest more fully. You can enjoy it as a free gift with a two-year membership to A.R.E.

Peter Woodbury, MSW

Peter Woodbury, MSW, received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard University and his master’s degree in social work from Boston University. He trained in hypnotherapy and past-life regression techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Allen Chips, and Dan Brown, PhD. Peter is in private practice as a psycho-therapist and hypnotherapist in Virginia Beach, with a focus on the use of spirituality and faith as tools for personal transformation and liberation. A student of the Cayce readings for over 20 years, he is a popular presenter on key topics from the Cayce readings both at A.R.E. Headquarters and in the field. Fluent in three languages, he is also known for his outstanding leadership of A.R.E. tours to South America, India, and Egypt. He is a regular contributor to A.R.E.’s member magazine Venture Inward and currently writing his first book. He also finds time to play Edgar Cayce in the popular one-man show titled “An Evening with Edgar Cayce.” Visit for a listing of his upcoming events.

PMH Atwater, LHD

PMH Atwater, LHD, is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun her work in 1978, after having three such experiences of her own. In 2005, she was awarded the Outstanding Service Award from the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH), as well as an honorary degree in Therapeutic Counseling from a school in Sri Lanka. She is the author of several books including We Live Forever and Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story.

Prison Outreach with Karen Kell Boldt

Established in 1972 as the "Over the Wall" program, focusing on the A Search for God Study Group material, A.R.E.'s Prison Outreach Program has provided hope to the incarcerated for over 35 years. This important program provides inmates, chaplains, and prison libraries with free books related to the principles outlined in the Edgar Cayce readings, giving inspiration and hope to thousands annually. Striving to reach new and diverse populations, the program now includes juvenile centers and Spanish- speaking inmates. This program is funded solely by donations.

Radleigh Valentine

Radleigh Valentine is the best-selling Hay House author of How to Be Your Own Genie: Manifesting the Magical Life You Were Born to Live.  He is also the author of five tarot decks, one angel oracle deck, and the “Big Book of Angel Tarot.”  As an internationally known spiritual teacher, Radleigh has spoken at more than 70 events in 10 countries since 2012, including over a dozen Hay House “I Can Do It” events.  Radleigh is also an annual participant of the Hay House World Summit and is a regular speaker at the Angel World Summit in London, and Engelkongress in Germany & Austria. His radio show, “Magical Things with Radleigh Valentine”, is a mixture of teaching through laughter and poignant readings for listeners. His popular video show, “Ask Rad!”, airs on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously each week. See Radleigh in April at A.R.E.!

Raye Mathis

Raye Mathis is a member of the faculty at Atlantic University where, among the courses she mentors, are her Spiritual Crisis and Symbols and Mythology courses. Her column, The Astrologer's Corner, appears in the A.R.E.'s Venture Inward magazine available to A.R.E. Members. Raye is an experienced teacher and workshop presenter with more than 35 years as a conference speaker. She is a former member of both the A.R.E. and the AU Boards of Trustees. She has maintained an on-going astrological counseling practice for almost 40 years. She is a regular mentor for A.R.E.’s online learning programs.

Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace, a native of the mountains of Virginia, has spent the past 35 years empowering folks to gain more control of their lives. His work reaches people on wide social and economic levels. With a unique and down-to-earth manner, he teaches in a style that characterizes his life. He is known as a dowser, consultant, author and Mountain Man. His work and teaching have been used to reduce violence in schools, eliminate abuse of women and children as well as physical and mental benefits for individuals. He has worked with law enforcement officers in both U.S. and Canada to successfully reduce violent crime. Learn more at

Rev. Janet Nohavec

Rev. Janet Nohavec, a former Roman Catholic nun, has been a medium since birth. For over 20 years Janet has connected individuals with their departed loved ones. She has also worked extensively with law enforcement and is the author of Where Two Worlds Meet and Through the Darkness. She is a featured presenter at the upcoming A.R.E. Soul Growth Saturday Conference Connecting with the Other Side for Yourself: Your Doorway to Heaven on August 13, 2016 at A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach.

Robert H. Schor

Robert H. Schor, a specialist in the practice of international trade law, is the retired Acting Commissioner of Customs in New York and a retired Major in the New York State Militia. You can read his previous articles, “Project X,” in Venture Inward magazine, Mar/April ’07, p. 18, and “What Are the Creative Forces,” in Venture Inward Jan-Mar. 2012, p. 22. Schor is also author of the recent book based on his study of the Cayce readings, Abraham Blesses Us, Be A Blessing Too, available from