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A.R.E. Group Tour Packages

A.R.E. Experiential Escape Options

Our headquarters has free daily tours offered seven days a week. Visit our Headquarters events page to learn more about free daily activities.

Groups of five or more can customize an experience to meet the needs and desires of their Tour Group. Total Time: 3.75 - 4 hours. Contact Us to get started!

  • 30 minutes – The Legacy of Edgar Cayce Film
  • 60 minutes – Tour of A.R.E. Headquarters
  • 15 minutes – Break
  • 90 minutes – Choose Your Interactive Experiential or Spa Escape
  • 30 minutes – Free time for the Bookstore & Gift Shop, Library, labyrinth walk, and meditation in garden or third-floor room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The Legacy of Edgar Cayce Film

This touching film outlines the life of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), also known as "the sleeping prophet," the “other Nostradamus,” and the “father of holistic medicine.” Edgar Cayce is considered the most-documented psychic of all time with 14,306 psychic readings covering an amazing 10,000 topics. The majority of Cayce’s readings were related to holistic health and wellness. Other major topics from the readings include philosophy and reincarnation, the meaning of dreams and how to interpret them, ESP and psychic phenomena, ancient mysteries and civilizations, and spiritual growth topics that include meditation and prayer. (Learn more about Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. and our mission.)

Tour Our Worldwide Headquarters in Virginia Beach

Each year, the A.R.E. Headquarters at 67th Street and Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, Va., attracts tens of thousands of individuals from around the world—vacationers, scholars, researchers, philosophers, health care professionals, and students of all kinds. These individuals come to investigate and discover for themselves how the Cayce material is being used today in the fields of health, personal spirituality, intuition, education, and research, and to promote spiritual development at both individual and global levels.

The guided tour of our Visitor Center includes the history of the organization and its amazing founder, Edgar Cayce. Your visit includes touring the A.R.E. Library--one of the largest metaphysical libraries in the world and home to the transcripts of all 14,000+ readings that were preserved during Cayce’s lifetime. While there, you’ll hear a recording of Mr. Cayce giving a reading and see the couch he used to go into his trance-like sleep state when giving readings. You'll also be given quiet time in our meditation room, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. You can browse the amazing variety of books, jewelry, gemstones, and clothing in our one-of-a-kind Bookstore & Gift Shop.

The campus also includes the historic Cayce Hospital building which opened in 1928, our world-famous A.R.E. Health Center & Spa, the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage school, and Atlantic University, offering a Master of Art's (MA) in Transpersonal Psychology and an MA in Leadership Studies as well as continuing education courses online.

Along with the Health Center & Spa in the Historic Hospital building, you'll find the Cayce/Miller Cafe featuring healthy southern-style food, prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients from Graze Kitchen & Catering. Dine with an ocean view on our cafe's porch. Hours vary but generally are Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please call 757-457-7105 to confirm hours. 

Choose Your Interactive Experiential or Spa Escape:

Minimum participation is five, maximum is 100 (please call for details on larger groups), and pricing is per person.

Health & Rejuvenation: The Edgar Cayce Exercises
Edgar Cayce outlined a series of exercises that are designed to circulate your lymph system (which is an important part of your immune system) and help you maintain a normal range of motion. In this experiential workshop, you will learn this simple series of exercises that are a real secret to health and longevity as well as tips to stay healthy! Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Includes Your Key to Good Health: Unlocking the Power of Your Lymphatic System by Elaine Hruska (Retail $15.95). (Cost $7)

Unlocking the Mystery of Your Dreams
In days of old, much importance was given to our dreams. Edgar Cayce has a simple and effective system to work with your dreams. In this workshop, you will learn how to unlock the symbolic messages in your dreams and put them to use in your daily life. Includes Dream Images and Symbols dream dictionary by Kevin J. Todeschi, 275 pages (Retail $17.95). (Cost $7)

Finding Your Mission and Purpose in Life
We all want to know who we are and why we are here. Edgar Cayce outlines a simple but effective manner to discover your purpose and mission in life. The secret is in clarifying what is your Ideal—what are the principles and values that you want to guide your life. In this workshop, you will have the chance to discover your personal Ideal and how it applies to you particular mission in life. Includes a three- hour Discover Your Mission in Life Course DVD Set featuring Mark Thurston, PhD, (Retail $29.95). (Cost $12)

Holistic Health and Healing
We are the product of what we eat and what we think. In this workshop, you will receive information that helps to understand age-old truths passed down over the generations. For example, we have all been told to eat our vegetables, but did you know why? Eating a diet high in fruits and veggies makes the body alkaline and alkalinity makes you resistant to infection, virus, and bacteria! This interactive workshop will be a sensory experience full of helpful information to apply in your life. Includes The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy by Dr. Harold Reilly and Ruth Brod (Retail $22.95). (Cost $7)

Spa Escapes
Cost: $20 and up. Please contact our Spa at 757-457-7202 for details and group sizes for the following:                  

Three-Hour Cayce Remedies Intensive Workshop: This intensive, hands-on workshop includes Potato Poultice for the eyes, GlycoThymoline Pack for the sinuses, Turpentine Pack for the kidneys, Charred Oak Keg for respiratory health, and a Castor Oil Pack for liver, lymph, and colon.

One-Hour Sand Pack: Weather permitting, enjoy a dip in the ocean and sand pack that Cayce recommended to absorb gold for nervous system health and balance.

30-Minute Spa Experience: Choose Massage, foot reflexology, or Reiki.                                                        

60-Minute Spa Experience: Choose massage, foot reflexology, or Reiki.                                                       

90-Minute Mini-Spa: Enjoy a massage plus your choice of a facial or acupressure.

Two-Hour Express Spa: One-hour castor oil pack combined with a 30-minute foot reflexology, plus a one-hour treatment choice of massage, craniosacral therapy, or a colon hydrotherapy.

Half-Day Spa Packages: While both include an abdominal castor oil pack, foot reflexology, a facial, and massage, the Cayce Cleanse includes colon hydrotherapy plus a steam/fume bath, while the Skin Cleanse offers an Epsom salts bath plus paraffin bath for hands and feet.

Labyrinth Walk
The A.R.E. has a labyrinth that is a replica of the labyrinth in the Cathedral in Chartres France (wtih a modified center design). People have walked labyrinths for centuries as a form of prayer and meditation. In this workshop you will learn more about the labyrinth and have the opportunity to walk it yourself! Includes "Chants and Chanting" CD featuring Chants from the Edgar Cayce Readings for Health, Harmony and Enlightenment by John Van Auken, 41 minutes (Retail $17.00). (Cost $7) Weather permitting, as this is an outdoor experience.

Experience Meditation
Why is it that sages of the East have practiced meditation for centuries? What are the benefits, and how can you begin? In this workshop, you will learn what meditation is—a clearing of the mind of thoughts—and how it can benefit your health. You will also have the chance to practice and ask questions. Who knows, you may even experience enlightenment! Includes Toward a Deeper Meditation by John Van Auken, 232 pages (Retail $15.95). (Cost $7)

Contact Us to get started!