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A Search for God Plaque


In 1931, a group of Edgar Cayce’s friends and family asked him how they could become psychic like him; many wanted to become healers. Out of this seemingly simple question came an 11-year discourse that led to the creation of A Search for God Books 1 and 2.

What helped Cayce following the loss of the hospital building was this new focus on giving readings for these individuals who were outlining a series of lessons on spiritual growth. From his altered state, Cayce said that psychic abilities were “of the soul” and that the goal to become psychic could be reached only by growing spiritually—each individual needed to become a more spiritual and loving person. That growth would naturally lead to psychic awareness and healing abilities.

This group was the first “Study Group” that used the material from these special readings in order to change their lives for the better. When Book 1 was published in 1942, Study Groups began gathering together to study and learn this valuable material. Today, Study Groups that include individuals from all walks of life and every religious background, meet around the world to study the material found in these special readings.


This beautiful copper plaque contains the affirmations preceding each chapter from these books. These affirmations are ideal for meditation. If you would like to find a group near you, visit