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A.R.E. Library


A.R.E.’s original library started as a reading room in the Cayce family home, eventually moving to this building after its construction in 1975.

Today, our library boasts a collection of more than 75,000 metaphysical volumes, an archive of Edgar Cayce’s 14,306 psychic discourses and the original Cayce couch on which his readings were conducted. 

The Edgar Cayce readings database consists of 24 million words. In addition to the copy of the readings in the library, the entire collection is available online for A.R.E. members OR for purchase online or in the Bookstore on DVD-Rom. The readings have been categorized into 10,000 topics, which can be accessed via our card catalog or by members in a searchable database online. Major topics from the readings have also been collected by topic into circulating files that are available to borrow or purchase or download from our online member-only section. 

Over the years, we have also acquired private book collections for our library. The Andrew Jackson Davis collection highlights this man’s amazing similarities to Edgar Cayce. A 19th century psychic known as the Poughkeepsie Seer, Davis wrote 33 different books, which are all included in this collection along with other personal items and correspondence.

The Egerton Sykes Atlantis collection includes over 6,000 books, magazines, pamphlets, photos, slides, tapes, personal letters, unpublished manuscripts, and newspaper clippings, including volumes in 15 languages on a dazzling variety of subjects—particularly anything having to do with the lost civilization of Atlantis—an ancient civilization covered at length in the Cayce readings.

Books may be checked-out if you are a Member of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., a student of Atlantic University or Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage, or if you are a Hampton Roads resident A.R.E. Library member. The library is open for browsing during Visitor Center hours.